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Peter Falk and Richard Kiley star in Columbo: A Friend in Deed

Columbo: A Friend in Deed

Thurs., July 25, 2019 | 9pm ET / 6pm PT

“A Friend in Deed” opens up with Hugh Caldwell (Michael McGuire) in a fit of passion after having just murdered his wife. In desperation, he calls on his friend Mark Halperin (Richard Kiley) for help, who covers up the crime by staging a burglary in Hugh’s office while he establishes an alibi.

What Hugh doesn’t realize is that within twenty-four hours Mark is going to demand the same sort of favour from him.

When Columbo is brought in on the case, he immediately senses something wrong and faces an unusual problem. He suspects Mark Halperin of being involved in the murder, but doesn’t quite know how to tackle the problem because of the fact that Mark Halperin is the Deputy Police Commissioner. (1974)

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