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EastEnders Set 300 - March 2018: Mick and Linda


Fridays | Midnight ET/9pm PT

Bust-ups and bankruptcy, marriages and murder – EastEnders is Britain’s favourite soap, with storylines that consistently draw in audiences and guarantee water cooler discussions the following day.

Set in the close knit, multi-racial community of London’s Albert Square, human interest stories intertwining relationships, social issues, triumphs and tragedies, loves and losses keep fans glued to the screen.

Winner of countless awards, including a Banff World Television Award in 2007 and a BAFTA for Best Continuing Drama in 2008, EastEnders celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010.

Catch up on the latest episodes online below.

EastEnders 2018 - Character Collage


EastEnders 2017/2018: Mick and Linda CarterEastEnders fans, we are very excited to be almost caught up with current episodes premiering in the U.K.! By late May, we will be airing episodes less than two months after their U.K. broadcast dates. At that point, we must continue to have a broadcast schedule that is a little behind the U.K. to allow for distribution and technical requirements to stay properly fulfilled. As of June 1, we will begin airing 3 episodes per week, back-to-back on Friday nights only, starting at Midnight ET/9pm PT. We will continue to make these 3 new episodes per week available to watch online after their broadcast premieres. We thank you so much for being loyal and passionate EastEnders fans and we look forward to keep bringing you the latest happenings from ‘round the Square.


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