Father Ted


Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan), Father Dougal Maguire (Ardal O’Hanlon) and Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly) have been banished to Craggy Island – a remote island, off the Irish west coast – by Bishop Len Brennan (Jim Norton). The three priests live in the parochial house with their slightly crazed and tea-addicted house keeper, Mrs. Doyle (Pauline McLynn). Dougal isn’t the brightest, Ted has a knack of getting into awkward situations, and the less said about Father Jack the alcoholic swear machine the better. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, the trio finds plenty of ways to cause chaos and confusion.



the priests head off on their annual caravan holiday but, the vacation soon goes all wrong thanks to other people and the elements.

Think Fast, Father Ted

Ted gets a car to raffle to raise money to fix the leaky roof but, it’s not such a simple solution after all.

Tentacles of Doom

Ted learns that Craggy Island’s Holy Stone of Clonrichet is set to be upgraded to a Class II relic and is determined that Dougal and Jack be on their best behaviour when three bishops arrive to officiate the ceremony.

Father Ted

The Old Grey Whistle Theft
Watch online through March 1, 2018

The arrival of rebellious young priest Father Damien Lennon coincides with the theft of the whistle owned b Mr. Benson. Did a priest do it?

Song For Europe
Watch online through March 8, 2018

Dougal is extremely excited about the Eurosong Contest. When he and Ted ‘borrow’ a turn from an old hopeful to enter as their own, what could possibly go wrong?

The Plague
Wed., March 7, 2018 at 8pm ET

Bishop Brennan is visiting to investigate a case of suspected nude sleepwalking by Father Jack. An incident in a lift in New York has left the Bishop with an intense rabbit phobia, so Dougal’s new pet rabbit Sampras must be kept well hidden.

Rock-a-Hula Ted
Wed., March 14, 2018 at 8pm ET

Aggressive protest singer Niamh Connolly arrives on the island to ‘get her head together’ and check out a possible future home. Meanwhile, Father Ted is looking forward to judging the annual Lovely Girls Competition. Will this clash of militant feminism and old-fashioned, wholesome womanhood lead to more trouble for Ted…? Yes.

Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading
Wed., March 21, 2018 at 8pm ET

It’s Lent and the trio all agree to sacrifice a luxury. For Ted, it’s ciggies; Jack gives up the booze (well, Ted hides it) and Dougal agrees to hang up his rollerblades. But can they resist temptation?

New Jack City
Wed., March 28, 2018 at 8pm ET

Father Jack’s incredibly hairy hands seem to indicate that he is suffering from a common complaint that afflicts old priests. He is hurriedly sent off to the St. Clabbert’s Old Priests’ Home for immediate treatment. However, Jack’s replacement seems to be even more trouble that the great man himself, so Ted and Dougal decide to mount a Guns of Navarone -style rescue operation to get him back.

Flight Into Terror
Wed., April 4, 2018 at 8pm ET

Flying back from a visit to a particularly holy shrine, the priestly trio find themselves in mortal danger when Father Fay the Monkey Priest of Killybashangel, goes mad in the cockpit and causes Dougal to do something really, really stupid. With only a cupful of fuel left, Ted comes up with a top-notch plan on how to decide who gets the last two parachutes.

SEASON 3: Are you right there, Father Ted?
Wed., April 11, 2018 at 8pm ET

The third season opener of this multi-award winning comedy that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘ecumenical matters’. In this opening episode, Ted inadvertently offends the Chinese community on Craggy Island.

Chirpy, Burpy, Cheap Sheep
Wed., April 18, 2018 at 8pm ET

There’s a beast terrorizing Craggy Island and Chris the Sheep – hot favourite for the annual ‘King of the Sheep’ festival – has a bad case of nerves. Can Ted’s sheep nurturing skills save the day?

Wed., April 25, 2018 at 8pm ET

The sacking of Craggy Island’s playboy milkman, Pat Mustard, leads to Dougal taking on the local milk round. A jealous Pat plants a bomb on the milk float and from then on, it’s a race against time to avert disaster. Ted must keep his nerve and Dougal must somehow keep his speed above four miles per hour.

The Mainland
Wed., May 2, 2018 at 8pm ET

A trip to the mainland always leads to trouble and Ted is deeply nervous at the prospect. As he and Dougal go on a tour of ‘The Very Dark Caves’, Mrs Doyle takes tea with a friend and Father Jack visits the opticians. What could go wrong? Just about everything.

Escape From Victory
Wed., May 9, 2018 at 8pm ET

It’s the annual All Priests Over-75s Five-a-Side Football Challenge Match against Rugged Island, and Ted suspects that Father Dick Byrne will stop at nothing to win. With Craggy Island’s ace centre forward father Jack sound asleep after drinking an entire bottle of ‘Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snooze Snooze’, Ted is in deep trouble.

Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse
Wed., May 16, 2018 at 8pm ET

Ted, having lost a bet to Dick Byrne, has to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse as his forfeit. Coincidentally, Bishop Brennan and his side-kick, Father Jessup, arrive at the Craggy Island Parochial House to see the image of the Bishop which has miraculously appeared in the skirting board of Ted’s spare room. Ted now has no excuse but to carry out the forfeit. Dougal has a cunning plan to help Ted in his dilemma without the Bishop noticing he has been kicked up the arse. Will his scheme succeed or will Dougal manage ultimately to let Ted down?

Night of the Nearly Dead
Wed., May 23, 2018 at 8pm ET

Singing sensation Eoin McLove, at Number One for 27 weeks with My Lovely Mayo Mammy and adored by menopausal women everywhere, secretly visits Mrs Doyle for tea after she wins a poetry competition on his television show. Unfortunately, the secret leaks out and the house is besieged by Eoin’s devoted elderly fans. Mrs Doyle reaches new heights of nervousness and crowns Eoin’s visit by baking him a jumper in a cake.

Going to America
Wed., May 30, 2018 at 8pm ET

The final episode sees an act of uncharacteristic heroism by Ted lead to a job offer in America, with his very own parish in Beverly Hills. With his lifetime’s ambition about to be realised, Ted has only one problem – how to tell Father Jack, Father Dougal and Mrs Doyle that they aren’t invited.

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