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The Genocide in Iraq: A ZNews Special - Clean

The Genocide in Iraq: A ZNews Special

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Never again? Still it happens again and again. Christians, Yazidis and other non-Muslim minorities are facing persecution by the Islamist madmen known as ISIS. Hundreds of thousands are forced to flee their homes. Recently, Rev. Majed El Shafie a human rights advocate and founder of One Free World International, traveled with a delegation to Kurdistan where much of these atrocities are taking place, taking stock, gathering information and experiencing the urgency and horror of the situation first hand in an effort to bring more much-needed attention, aid and intervention. We go along on their harrowing journey.

This ZNews special exposes the dire situation in Iraq and the grave injustices being perpetrated against Yazidi people. A horrific humanitarian crisis that the United Nations has upgraded to their highest ranking of severity, a “Level 3 Emergency”. International response to the horrific acts of ISIS against religious minorities is examined and outlined.

For more on this documentary special and others related to it, visit our Human Rights Series mini-site.


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