Healing Gardens

Mondays at 9pm ET / 6pm PT (May 29 - July 31)


Healing Gardens is a 10-part documentary series that explores the transformative capabilities and restorative powers of gardens, gardening, and green spaces – which provide a variety of benefits to a diverse population with different needs.

In every episode, the beauty is undeniable – but we go beyond the splendour of the gardens to hear soulful stories of healing from the people who experienced them.

Bridging the space between anecdotal and evidential storytelling, we learn about clinical research and the science behind the magic of nature – not just the medicine it provides, but what happens to the brain in nature. What effect does nature have on our happiness and wellbeing?

From physical healing through home-harvested food, to spiritual healing by walking in the forests, to emotional healing from playing in the dirt or pruning blossoms in flowerbeds… Healing Gardens’ focused mission is to help us better understand how nature tends to the mind, body, and soul by illustrating contemplative, aspirational, and practical examples of the powerful abilities of the earth.

Leading us through the explorations in each episode is our host – expert horticulturist and landscape designer, Charlie Dobbin. Charlie is a Master Gardener with a BSc in Environmental Horticulture and a Landscape Design Diploma, as well as a teacher at Durham and Humber Colleges since 2015.

Charlie is the internationally known host of The Garden Show with Charlie Dobbin airing every Saturday morning at 9am ET on ZoomerRadio.

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