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There's No Business Like Show Business

Irving Berlin's There's No Business Like Show Business

Mon., Sept. 2, 2019 | Midnight ET/9pm PT

Irving Berlin’s music highlights this Fox Cinemascope musical classic, which covers twenty years in the lives of the Donahue family. Molly and Terrence Donahue (Ethel Merman and Dan Dailey) are a showbiz couple who spawn two showbiz kids, Tim and Katy (Donald O’ Connor and Mitzi Gaynor), as well as Johnny Ray (Steve Donahue), who leaves the family business to become a priest.

The family is rocked, however, when Father Johnny returns to the family bosom to perform in a benefit concert. Things go further awry when Tim has the misfortunate of falling for career-obsessed-social-climbing chorus girl Vicki (Marilyn Monroe). However, the family’s strong love for each other wins out – and the show goes on, as it always must.

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