Living in the Time of Jesus


How did people make ends meet 2000 years ago? When you got sick in the first century, what did you do about it?  What laws were the Temple Guards actually enforcing?  From the creators of The Naked Archaeologist, Living in the Time of Jesus transports viewers back in time to witness life during the first century. It is a “people’s history”, set in first century Judea, that looks past the iconic events of the Christian Bible and focuses on the day-to-day life of ordinary people.

Making A Living – Part One

Jesus is said to have overturned the tables of moneychangers in the Temple.  But who were these people, and whose money were they changing?  Using famous biblical stories as our guidebook, host Arne Kislenko with the help of archaeologists, biblical experts and mules, get his hands dirty doing the jobs of ancient carpenters, shepherds and camel-riding merchants.  See how the land was tilled, the taxes collected and how the Holy Temple operated.

Healing The Sick – Part Two

It was the time of Jesus and his promise of healing miracles, but what did brain surgery look like?  And, were there really any medical benefits to floating in the Dead Sea?  Arne Kislenko investigates the many sides of ancient health care to discover what people in Jesus’ time knew—and didn’t know—about medicine.

Crime And Punishment – Part Three

Two thousand years ago, temple guards and soldiers arrested Jesus, setting in motion the most infamous trial of all time.  Who were all these people? And, what brought them together on this fateful night?  Host Arne Kislenko moves through modern Jerusalem to pick up clues about what law and order looked like in the first century.  How did everyone from the taxman to the flogger go about keeping the peace?

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