Monarch of the Glen


The magnificent Cairngorms are the beautiful backdrop as Archie MacDonald tries to come to grips with being the new laird of a huge, decaying family estate in the Highlands of Scotland.

Archie is 28 and just about to open his trendy new fish restaurant in London with his beautiful girlfriend, Justine, when he gets the news of his unexpected inheritance. Glenbogle is one of the largest sporting estates in the Highlands.

He will be the feudal landlord over 40,000 acres, 200 tenants, a house which makes Balmoral look like a cottage, and with an overdraft to match. To make matters worse, his aged eccentric parents, Hector and Molly MacDonald, come as part of the furniture and the local schoolteacher, feisty Katrina Finlay, is determined to make things as difficult as possible for Archie. There is also the high-spirited and fiery cook/housekeeper Lexie to contend with.

Monarch of the Glen


Wednesday, September 20

Archie MacDonald, the young owner of a fashionable London restaurant, is called to his ailing father’s bedside, at a lochside mansion in the Scottish Highlands. He has walked into a trap.

Wednesday, September 27

Archie tries to flee back to London when a visitor halts him in his tracks. It’s a banker (Simon Slater), come to foreclose on a huge loan to Glenbogle. Archie calls on the help of his eccentric household.

Monarch of the Glen

Wednesday, October 4

Justine, Archie’s girlfriend and business partner from London, has arrived out of the blue to find out what Archie is up to in his Highland wilderness. But when she strays into a locked room at Glenbogle, she learns there are family ghosts here that Archie must lay to rest.

Wednesday, October 11

Justine has returned, grudgingly, to London. Katrina has a shock when a visit to Glenbogle by an old genealogist friend of Hector’s uncovers an ancient diary. It belonged to a former servant at the house – Katrina’s late mother – and records an affair she once had with someone called “H”.

Monarch of the Glen

Wednesday, October 18

Archie’s troublesome sister, Lizzie, turns up with her New Age boyfriend, Gerald, intent on converting Glenbogle into a healing centre. Archie, searching for a supply of mineral water to bottle and sell, is staggered when the charismatic Gerald finds a spring using “mystic” powers.

Wednesday, October 25

As the new Laird of Glenbogle, Archie must take part in a traditional boat race across the loch against a neighbouring landowner, Laird Kilwillie (Julian Fellowes).

Monarch of the Glen

Wednesday, November 1

Archie has organized a special Highland Night at his restaurant in London. He and Lexie must fly South by helicopter with the very first pheasants killed during the Scottish shooting season.

Wednesday, November 8

Justine gives Archie an ultimatum: return to London or give up his share in the restaurant. Archie must decide where his future lies. To add to his problems, Glenbogle House is falling down and huge repair work is needed just as the bank is again calling in its loan.

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