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Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy

Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy

Mon. & Tues., Aug. 19 & 20, 2019 | Midnight & 9pm ET/9 & 6pm PT

Richmond Pearson Hobson, Jr. is the Stanford-educated son of a New York congressman. Panhandle Phillips has never been anything but a cowboy. In the rugged wilderness of British Columbia, halfway between Seattle and the Yukon, they will try to carve out the largest cattle ranch in the world.

Together, Rich and Pan have risked everything to make their dream come true. Now after three years, with the ranch about to pay off, World War II breaks out. Their investors desert them for a chance to make big war profits. Their cowhands desert them for a chance to fight the Nazis, and Rich falls in love with Gloria Macintosh, a Vancouver debutante.

“Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy” stars Yannick Bisson, Sarah Chalke, and Ted Atherton.

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