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Pensioner Power


With the Baby Boomer generation dominating a growing, aging demographic within society, retirees and pensioners are facing common challenges in democratic countries throughout the world. Pensions are not keeping up with the cost of living. Medical and drug benefits are not keeping pace with the exorbitant costs of staying healthy as we age.

Pensioner poverty is a growing problem. In order to cope with dwindling pensions and insufficient health coverage, pensioners and retirees are now banding together in some countries to create Pensioner Parties. In other countries they create powerful lobbies that urge political parties to address the interests of retirees. Now, retirees are taking their political and social destiny into their hands. Pensioner parties are leveraging their power in coalition governments to ensure retirees are protected, compensated, and valued as equal members of society. We see retiree activists take the government to court, fighting for greater compensation for Survivors. We profile retiree volunteers giving their time, and love, to isolated survivors fighting off punishing loneliness.

PensionerPower_FI3_Titled_NoVTV_600Pensioner Power: A documentary by Martin Himel

In Pensioner Power, filmmaker and investigative journalist Martin Himel examines the phenomenon of the Pensioner Party. Does it succeed in keeping or increasing pensioners? Do the pensioner parties ensure health benefits? Do they improve the quality of life of Pensioners?

Pensioner Power Mini Site: News and ResourcesVisit our in-depth mini-site for Pensioner Power featuring exclusive video, photos, resources and news devoted to what’s happening in the world of pensioner advocacy. Plus, Find out what CARP is doing to advance the needs and interests of Canadians as we age. Become a member today.

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