Pure Hell of St. Trinian's

Wednesday, December 6 at Midnight ET / 9pm PT


They’re not the girls in the fourth form at St. Trinian’s. They’re monsters. They can turn a school room into a battlefield in minutes. Their pastimes range from poker to plastering parents with paint. They can drink whiskey with the best.

And their latest trick is their best ever. They burn down St. Trinian’s. The result? The whole school stands trial – at The Old Bailey.

The police breathe sighs of relief. At the Ministry of Education, blood pressures subside. On to harassed faces spread looks of malicious pleasure. And they all spell out the same message: “This time we got ’em.”

Starring Cecil Parker, George Cole, Joyce Grenfell, Irene Handl and Sid James. (1960)

VisionTV’s Executive Producer Moses Znaimer dug deep in the vault of movies past to find these delicious, rip-roaring gems based on the comics of Ronald Searle, that he recalled from his youth in Montréal where they were broadcast every Boxing Day.

Now they’re a Vision tradition you won’t see anywhere else on TV!

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