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The Big Downsize

Season 3 Premiere: Monday, April 5, 2021 at 9pm ET / 6 PT


Watch for the exciting premiere of Season 3 of The Big Downsize, Mondays at 9pm ET from April 5 to May 3, 2021!

Decluttering queen Jane Veldhoven, knows what it takes to get this job done. She’s been helping people downsize their lives for over 15 years and she’s about to start this journey with two more families in over their heads.

The second season of The Big Downsize is serving Jane Veldhoven with some of the toughest challenges she’s faced helping her clients clear out their clutter and learn to love living with less. One family is dealing with a house too big to handle anymore while the other is worried their new place isn’t big enough for all their stuff. Jane is rolling up her sleeves once again and showing how even the most impossible downsizing journey can be a trip worth taking.

In the largest house she’s ever tackled, Jane is helping Anne and James Rodger get their sprawling 4000 square foot house in moving-out shape while dealing with the added pressure of keeping things picture perfect for the non-stop showings. The couple is finding their home much too large now that Anne’s mother is no longer living with them. They’ve decided now is the best time to start simplifying their lives. This place may look picture perfect but behind every closet and inside every drawer is an avalanche of belongings Jane must dig out from under and emotional landmines to navigate.

Our second family needing Jane’s expertise is Patti and Faye, who are downsizing in reverse after their older and much larger home sold before their new place was ready. Behind this couple’s charming and humorous way of dealing with stress are layers of differing opinions on what needs to stay and what should go. Jane is helping them shed close to half of their belongings so their new place is what they hoped it would be but when sentimental feelings, cherished collections and fraying nerves are involved it’s a delicate balancing act.

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