The Big Downsize

Mondays at 9 & 9:30pm ET / 6 & 6:30 PT through May 16, 2022


The Big Downsize is back! Professional Organizer Jane Veldhoven takes on two more big downsizing challenges Mondays at 9pm ET / 6pm PT from April 11 through May 16, 2022!

Professional organizer and decluttering queen Jane Veldhoven knows what it takes to get this job done.

She’s been helping people downsize their lives for over 15 years and she’s about to start this journey with two more families in over their heads.

The Big Downsize, Season 4 takes viewers on a new downsizing journey and strolls down memory lane when professional organizer, Jane Veldhoven takes on a new triple threat client in serious need of her help, visits clients from previous seasons, and tackles her own downsizing challenge when she and boyfriend Dana decide to combine households and move in together.

Season 4 explores why we love our possessions so much, and the emotional baggage and stress that comes crashing down when there is no choice but to let go. Jane helps Halifax based realtor Jan Malone who is dealing with a downsizing dilemma on three fronts, an over filled condo she recently moved into, her former house that she’s preparing to sell, and a boat house cottage that’s become a dumping ground.

Jane pays a house call to clients featured on previous seasons of The Big Downsize and gets an update on their downsizing journeys and finds areas where they can still use some of her tough love downsizing advice. Jane also decides to move into a new condo with her partner Dana which creates a downsizing challenge on two fronts as they both have to say good-bye to some of their favourite possessions and negotiate over what items they keep and what’s got to go.

In association with VisionTV, The Big Downsize is produced by Edward Peill and Erin Oakes from Halifax’s award winning Tell Tale Productions Inc.. Season 4 was directed by Jennifer Adcock and written/story edited by Josh MacDonald. The Big Downsize is produced with support by the Canada Media Fund, The Nova Scotia Film and TV Production Incentive and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit program.

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