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Does a deep shaft on Nova Scotia’s fabled Oak Island contain the lost treasure of the Knight’s Templar? Could LBJ have masterminded the assassination of JFK? Is a cure for cancer being suppressed? Has Mother Nature been drafted by the military for nefarious purposes? Were a special unit of psychic spies trained to transcend time and space? Were recent devastating earthquakes actually man made? Is the legendary front man for The Doors alive and well and living in the American northwest? Was fluoride put in the water supply to pacify and dumb down the general population?

A quick look on the internet proves that not only do people believe these theories to be true, but the believers are increasingly mainstream – ordinary people who believe the improbable is true and the impossible is reality. The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett explores these conspiracy theories in a fast paced ½ hour format interview show featuring interviews with some of the world’s preeminent researchers, independent thinkers, skeptics and authors.

Syrett takes us beyond the pages of the New York Times best seller’s list for an alternative view of the world. He engages the audience by challenging them with new interpretations of the commonplace through the experience of conspiracy theorists. Compelling, controversial and thought provoking: The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett redefines reality.

Visit the all-new to delve even deeper into the mysteries, decide whether you’re a believer or a skeptic and side with the majority or minority, watch videos, listen to podcasts and more!

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– Season 4 Episode Guide –

“Ouija Boards” 

Harmless board game or portal to the spirit world? Richard delves into history and folklore of ‘talking boards’ with a collector of Ouija boards and a world of renowned paranormal investigators. Also, an L.A. county police dispatcher shares several paranormal experiences she connects to her use of an Ouija board.

The Conspiracy Show - Season 4

“Global Warming, a Hoax?” 

Richard speaks with several journalists and researchers who argue the theory that human use of carbon-based fossil fuels will lead to catastrophic global warming or climate change is a hoax.

The Conspiracy Show - Season 4


Richard meets with some prominent JFK assassination researchers who assert that the November 1963 murder of President John F. Kennedy was nothing less than a coup d’tat orchestrated by a powerful cabal inside the military industrial complex.

The Conspiracy Show - Season 4


Richard speaks with several explorers and cryptozoologists who believe pterodactyls – flying dinosaurs thought to have become extinct some 60 million years ago – are alive and thriving in remote places such as Papua New Guinea.

The Conspiracy Show - Season 4

“Genetically Modified Food”

Richard investigates claims that crop plants created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques are unsafe.

The Conspiracy Show - Season 4

“Flouride: The Conspiracy” 

“The Conspiracy Show” investigates the safety and efficacy of putting fluoride in our water supply. Dentists say that putting fluoride in the water supply prevents tooth decay, but some researchers claim it’s a toxic substance that causes cancer. Others claim it is being used to pacify and dum down the general population.

The Conspiracy Show - Season 4

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