The Edible Garden


Presenter Alys Fowler is transforming her small back garden to become self sufficient in vegetables for a year. This series follows her mission.

Alys is a 30-something urbanite with a passion for growing flowers and produce. Her mission is to show that growing and cooking your own fruit and vegetables can be rewarding, cost-effective and life enhancing. But rather than taking up an allotment, Alys is transforming her small back garden into a productive space. But
can she grow enough to eat without surrendering the beauty of her garden?

The series follow her across the growing year as her garden becomes a place where peas climb up roses, artichokes sit happily next to sunflowers and dwarf beans and violets edge the path.

Each episode focuses on a particular food group as Alys shows how to grow and create tasty dishes from produce you grow yourself. She also meets experts who show her how to preserve, pickle and store her wares as well as looking into other projects such as keeping chickens or bees and foraging in the hedgerows.

This stylish series provides a visual feast for the armchair enthusiast as well as solid information for those who want to “grow your own”. Alys hopes to inspire a younger generation of urbanites to have a go by showing just how much pleasure can be gained from this style of city living.

The Edible Garden


Peas and Beans

Peas and beans are prolific vegetables but they also look beautiful in the borders. Alys makes delicious broad bean falafels and pea shoot cocktails, and forages for willow to make plant supports. And she has two new additions to the family – her chickens!


Alys weaves salad crops through the flower borders of her small urban back garden. Salad crops are some of the easiest things to grow and the tastiest to eat. Lettuces, tomatoes and cucumbers can go from garden to plate in minutes.

Roots and Leafy Greens

Alys doesn’t go short of tasty options: beetroot and yoghurt soup, rhubarb and raspberry pie and a good supply of eggs from her two chickens.

Juicy Fruits

Fruit, particularly fruit like raspberries and blueberries, can be a costly luxury bought from the shops, yet nothing could be simpler to grow.

Flowers and Herbs

In Alys’s pretty but productive backyard, she grows flowers and herbs for many reasons: to flavour her food, to decorate her home and to attract wildlife essential for the health and productivity of her garden.

The Winter Larder

As well as providing fruit and vegetables to eat in season, an edible garden needs to provide for the leaner months. That means growing crops that guarantee a plentiful harvest, enough to enjoy right away and enough to store.

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