The Theory of Everything

Tuesday, April 2 at Midnight ET / 9pm PT


Set within the scholarly environment of 1960s Cambridge University, “The Theory of Everything” offers a glimpse into the remarkable life of Stephen Hawking. This film delicately balances the realms of groundbreaking scientific discovery and the resilience of love.

The story is brought to life by the compelling performances of Eddie Redmayne, who portrays Stephen Hawking, and Felicity Jones, who plays his steadfast companion, Jane Wilde. Together, they navigate the challenges that arise following Hawking’s life-altering diagnosis.

This narrative beautifully intertwines Hawking’s scientific endeavors with the personal aspects of his life, showcasing the strength required to overcome extraordinary challenges.

“The Theory of Everything” is a celebration of intellectual brilliance and the power of the human spirit, a compelling watch for those intrigued by extraordinary life stories and the triumph of love and determination.

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