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The War on Faith: Religious Persecution Around the World

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The statistics are scary. In the second decade of the 21st century, religious persecution is not only widespread, it is on the rise.

The War on Faith: Religious Persecution Around The World, is an amazing, sobering, enlightening and hopeful round table discussion on religious persecution worldwide. The panel discussion is hosted by Libby Znaimer with special guest commentators: His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, historian and author Conrad Black, doc filmmaker Martin Himel, Rabbi Yossi Sapirman from Toronto’s Beth Torah Congregation, the President of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre, Shabir Ally and Pandit Roopnauth Sharma, Spiritual Leader of the Ram Mandir Temple, and Vice-President of the Ontario Multi-faith Council.

Visit our Extremism Exposed mini-site for photos, videos and more on The War on Faith and all the special programming/documentaries we are premiering and featuring during May and June that are dedicated to shedding a light on racially or religiously motivated hatred and bigotry worldwide.


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