Touched By An Angel


Rediscover the heartwarming, moving and award-winning drama Touched by an Angel. Starring Della Reese and Roma Downey, Touched by an Angel was one of North America’s highest rated shows during its original, nine season run.

Throughout the series, Monica (Downey), an Earth-bound angel, is assigned to bring guidance and inspiration to people who are at a crossroads in their lives. Monica reports to Tess (Reese), her tough, wise and always loving supervisor. In season three, Monica and Tess are joined by Andrew (John Dye), who, in addition to his duties as the Angel of Death, helps out as a caseworker on the divine assignments. While the angels may not bring absolute answers to the troubled people they encounter, they always deliver a message of hope.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Friday, Aug. 29, we’re bidding Touched By An Angel a fond farewell after a long, wonderful run on our network. Starting Monday, Sept. 1, it’s time to revive and rediscover a heartfelt, trailblazer-for-its-time series, Marcus Welby M.D. Compassionate, forthright, intelligent and resourceful – who didn’t want Dr. Welby for their family doctor in the ’70s? Robert Young and Josh Brolin will be making a house call at your place every weekday at 4pm ET/1pm PT as we bring you Marcus Welby M.D. throughout our new broadcast season.



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Monday, August 4 – “The Journalist”: Monica poses as a TV weathergirl to keep an eye on a hard-edged reporter.

Tuesday, August 5 – “Forget Me Not”: Monica poses as an assistant to Sara Perkins (guest star Isabella Hofmann), an advertising photographer who sees her overly dependent and interfering mother, Charlotte (guest star Carol Lawrence), as an obstacle to her dream of becoming a photojournalist.

Wednesday, August 6 – “Smokescreen”: Posing as a prosecutor, Tess squares off against attorney Marc Hamilton (guest star Kadeem Hardison) who, in an attempt to advance his career, is representing a tobacco company that is being sued by ex-employees who claim to be victims of a second-hand smoke workplace.

Thursday, August 7 – “Crisis of Faith”: Monica is sent to help a once dedicated minister, Daniel Brewer, who loses his faith when his son is killed in an accident for which he feels responsible.

Friday, August 8 – “Angel of Death”: Tess trains an apprentice angel how to guide and inspire those who need love.

Monday, August 11 – “Clipped Wings”: After two and a half years as a caseworker, Monica is up for a performance evaluation, but when she doesn’t show up for her appointment with Ruth, the Judge of the High Court, she is officially suspended and stripped of all her angel privileges and power.

Tuesday, August 12 – “Amazing Grace, Pt. 1”: Three Angels are dispatched from heaven to inspire people who are at a crossroads in their lives.

Wednesday, August 13 – “Amazing Grace, Pt. 2”: Three Angels are dispatched from heaven to inspire people who are at a crossroads in their lives.

Thursday, August 14 – “Labour of Love”: A vacationing Andrew comes to the aid of pediatrician Meg Savoy (guest star Priscilla Beaulieu Presley), who, surprises her husband, Brian on a flight to Paris for their anniversary, but gets the bigger shock when she discovers that he’s involved with a pregnant younger women.

Friday, August 15 – “Have You Seen Me?”: Monica and Tess help the Monroes, whose worst nightmare is realized when they discover that the baby they adopted years ago had actually been kidnapped and now his biological father wants him back.

Monday, August 18 – “Last Call”: In a neighborhood bar filled with many cynical and hopeless souls, Monica is given the overwhelming task of having to choose only one person whose life will be changed forever by a miracle; but, when she attempts to dispense the miracle, she is shocked to find that no one seems to want it.

Tuesday, August 19 – “Missing in Action”: Monica helps an army veteran who has been living a lie.

Wednesday, August 20 – “At Risk”: With the angels’ help, a juvenile offender who sees himself as useless is given a second chance to make a difference in both his own life and the life of a severely handicapped child, through an experimental volunteer program.

Thursday, August 21 – “Full Moon”: Working as a crisis center counselor, Monica tries to help Sarah and Ed Bingham overcome the destructive emotions that have been building between them ever since Sarah was raped by an intruder six years earlier while an unknowing Ed slept nearby.

Friday, August 22 – “An Angel by Another Name”: When a group home for adults with Down syndrome opens in a quiet neighborhood, a bitter older woman, who cares more for her prize roses than for her fellow humans, mounts a campaign to close it down.

Monday, August 25 – “Inherit the Wind”: Bill Cosby guest stars as Phil, the Angel of Restoration, sent to help an ungrateful man who is angry at his father and God when he learns that he has been cut out of his father’s will.

Tuesday, August 26 – “A Delicate Balance”: A widowed mother jeopardizes the welfare and safety of her children by pushing one too hard and neglecting the needs of the other.

Wednesday, August 27 – “Nothing But Net”: An inner city youth learns a hard lesson when the basketball star he worships turns out to a gambler who is no hero.

Thursday, August 28 – “Children of the Night”: Angels Monica, Tess, Andrew and Rafael come out in full force to help a group of destitute young runaways, but when their efforts backfire and one of the street kids dies Monica blames herself.

Friday, August 29 – “Jones vs. God”: Tess leads the defense and Monica is the star witness when a small farming town, devastated by a terrible drought, takes God to court over intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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