Upstart Crow

Fridays at 8pm ET / 5pm PT


Originally produced to celebrate 400 years of William Shakespeare’s legacy, “Upstart Crow” is a British sitcom that humorously explores the early years of the iconic playwright.

Set in 1592 London, the series delves into Shakespeare’s efforts to make a name for himself in the competitive theater scene, drawing inspiration from his experiences with family, friends, and the vibrant society of Elizabethan England.

Written by Ben Elton, the show blends historical detail with creative fiction, offering viewers a glimpse into how Shakespeare’s personal and professional life might have influenced his writing. From the conception of “Romeo and Juliet” to navigating the challenges of his sonnets, “Upstart Crow” provides a comedic yet thoughtful look at the bard’s journey to becoming one of literature’s greatest figures, making his story accessible and entertaining to a modern audience.

Starring David Mitchell, Harry Enfield, and Paula Wilcox.

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