A Very Merry Mix-Up

Sat., Dec. 25 at 4pm ET / 1pm PT


It’s the holidays and Alice Chapman (Alicia Witt), a passionate antique shop owner who perhaps has a keener eye for heirlooms than she does for romantic partners, is beyond excited. Her real estate mogul boyfriend, Will Mitchum (Scott Gibson), has invited her to spend the holidays with his family in upstate New York. In anticipation, Will proposes, almost matter-of-factly. Alice brims with giddy affection even as she tries to shake off her uneasiness – that the proposal was not the romantic one she had dreamed of or that the ring does not fit her taste or her finger.

When Will gets a last minute call keeping him at home and Alice must travel alone to meet his parents, she meets good natured carpenter Matt Mitchum (Mark Wiebe) also on his way home for the holidays. When Alice loses her phone and all the contact info she needs, a chain reaction of mishaps and mistaken identity just might mess up Alice’s life.

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