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Big Downsize S1 - Host and Professional Organizer Jane Veldhoven

Tidying Up Canadian Style with The Big Downsize

If you’ve ever struggled to get rid of old belongings that are sucking up valuable space and preventing you from achieving a tidy, organized home, you are most certainly not alone. Many of us have the exact same secret boxes … Continue reading

Mr. Selfridge S2E1: Harry Gordon Selfridge (JEREMY PIVEN)

Check Out Jeremy Piven’s Beautiful $6.8 Million Pad!

“Mr. Selfridge” star Jeremy Piven will soon be living large in a beautiful Mount Olympus residence. Check out some photos here! Continue reading

Organic Panic S2

Organic or Not? Organic Panic Digs Again for the Best Answer for You and Our Planet

Is your vacation destroying the planet? Is your home toxic? Organic Panic Season 2 premieres Mondays at 10pm ET through Nov. 30. Continue reading