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Doc Martin Redux S7E8

Doc Martin Redux S7E8: Happiness is a Warm Gun

In the Season 7 finale, Martin finds himself under the gun in more ways than you’d think. Continue reading

Doc Martin S7E7 Redux

Doc Martin Redux S7E7: Moving Through Time & Space

As much as Martin and Louisa work through couples therapy, not a lot seems to be, well, working for them. Could this be the end? Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E6

Doc Martin Redux S7E6: Extinguishing an Old Flame

Love is in the air in Portwenn, but there’s something about such a feeling that has morphed villagers and visitors into a frenzied state. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E5

Doc Martin Redux S7E5: Every Dog Has its Day

As Martin and Louisa work through therapy, it is Buddy the dog playing a big role for the Portwenn pair. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E4

Doc Martin Redux S7E4: Building on an Embrace

After agreeing to participate in couples therapy, Louisa joins Martin and Dr. Timoney for a session. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux: S7E3

Doc Martin Redux S7E3: Speak Up and Brighter Days May Follow

To say Martin is enjoying his new, less than modest living arrangement would be a full-fledged lie. Here’s our look-back at S7E3. Continue reading

Doc Martin Redux S7E2

Doc Martin Redux S7E2: A Man on a Mission

Martin is a man on a mission as he moves quickly to become a better husband and father for Louisa and James. Continue reading