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Headstrong Victoria blunders as she tries to prove to her enemies that she is capable of being Queen. The wise Melbourne is her only pillar of stability until she falls in love with Albert and must painfully part with her Prime Minister. But married life comes with its difficulties and she and Albert enter into a union that is defined by an exhilarating connection but also a tempestuous struggle for power.

Season 2

Episode 1: A Soldier's Daughter

Wed., July 24, 2019 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
New mother Victoria is impatient to return to the business of ruling a nation, while Albert attempts to protect her from the increasingly desperate news regarding British soldiers in Afghanistan.

Episode 2: The Green-Eyed Monster

Wed., July 31, 2019 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
Victoria is thrown into turmoil by the realization that she is pregnant again, and her equilibrium is further threatened by Albert’s burgeoning friendship with the lady mathematician, Ada Lovelace.

Episode 3: Warp and Weft

Wed., Aug. 7, 2019 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
Discontent is growing in the country, and Victoria throws a ball in a misguided attempt to help the silk weavers of Spitalfields – but the spectacular event only exposes her naivety, and an unexpected grief finally forces her to put childish things away for good.

Episode 4: The Sins of The Father

Wed., Aug. 14, 2019 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
Despite giving birth to a healthy Prince of Wales, Victoria finds herself paralyzed by an inexplicable sorrow. Meanwhile, a tragedy in Coburg plunges Albert into his own private torment.

Episode 5: Entente Cordiale

Wed., Aug. 21, 2019 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
Victoria decides to try her hand at foreign relations, and takes the royal court on an adventure to France, stepping toe to toe with the cunning King of the French, Louis Philippe.

Episode 6: Faith, Hope and Charity

Wed., Aug. 28, 2019 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
News of the horrific famine in Ireland has finally reached the Queen. She is adamant that her government should be doing more to help, but meets with surprising opposition from her Prime Minister.

Episode 7: The King Over the Water

Wed., Sept. 4, 2019 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
Feeling suffocated by the weight of the crown, Victoria escapes with her court to the Scottish Highlands. She and Albert revel in the opportunity to be a normal husband and wife, but the holiday can’t last forever.

Episode 8: The Luxury of Conscience

Wed., Sept. 11, 2019 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
Victoria and Albert have to face their worst nightmare as parents, while Peel takes on the ultimate battle in Parliament. When tragedy strikes, they must confront the true cost of standing by your convictions.

Christmas Special: Comfort and Joy

Part 1 & 2: Wed., Sept. 18 & 25, 2019 at 10pm ET/7pm PT
Victoria and Albert have very different expectations for a family Christmas, and the arrival of a young African orphan at the Palace puts them at loggerheads.

Season 1

Episode 1

18-year-old Alexandrina's life transforms on becoming Queen; no longer hidden in Kensington Palace under the repressive system of her mother's advisor Conroy, she renames herself 'Victoria' and revels in her new found freedom with the charismatic Prime Minister Melbourne. But Victoria's inexperience makes her susceptible to mistakes and, ultimately, scandal.

Episode 2

Melbourne's resignation as Prime Minister leaves Victoria devastated; as the ambitious Conroy and her uncle Cumberland scheme against her, the vulnerable Queen devises a risky plot to get Melbourne back. But her stubborn approach threatens to ruin the foundations of the monarchy.

Episode 3

When Victoria's uncle Leopold proposes Albert as a husband, suitors swoop in desperate to win the Queen's hand in marriage. Although Victoria determines to reign alone, Leopold rightly suspects that her indifference to marriage is something to do with the chemistry between her and her Melbourne.

Episode 4

Prince Albert immediately puts Victoria on the defensive, but despite her protestations of indifference, she struggles to hide her true feelings and faces a difficult choice between the comfortable familiarity of Melbourne and the enthralling but prickly Albert.

Episode 5

When Victoria's efforts to secure Albert a settlement are rejected by parliament, both she and her fiancé let paranoia reign and start to fear for their future together. As the wedding draws ever closer and the tension escalates, will Victoria and Albert manage to reconcile their differences in time?

Episode 6

The Royal couple's blissful happiness is threatened when Albert is publicly humiliated by the Duke of Sussex. Alarmed by her husband's discontent, Victoria determines to use all her cunning to get Albert the respect he deserves. But Albert has his own ideas about how to prove his worth.

Episode 7

The shock of Victoria's pregnancy is compounded when she is forced to consider who will be regent. Whilst she chooses Albert, his desire for power remains unfulfilled and their fateful trip to the North exposes the latent tensions in their relationship.

Episode 8

A heavily pregnant Victoria strives to preserve her independence at all costs until a threat to her life shrouds her in fear. She clashes with the overly protective Albert as she fights to puts her country and people before her own needs.