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Hack Your Age

In Hack Your Age, Deedee Moscoe is 55 and starting to feel the effects of time. She’s always been outgoing, and very active, but her aches and pains have begun to slow her down. What’s more, her aging parents are a constant reminder of mortality. Deedee cares for her mother who has dementia and inoperable breast cancer, and her father who is newly deaf and likes to ignore his wife.

She wants to age healthier than her parents so she started researching ways to hack her age. She embarks on a journey to find out the latest and greatest anti-aging therapies. She enrolls in a program at MedCan, a private clinic for baby boomers looking to extend their lifespan. They run her through a number of tests to determine her problem areas and craft a plan to reduce—or better yet—stop aging in its tracks.

After a year on her anti-aging quest, Deedee finds out the impact of her efforts. We will discover if Deedee is as young as she feels and if she’ll get a few more healthy years on this planet.

Hack Your Age was written and directed by Hannah Donegan and produced by Hannah Donegan and Ann Shin of Fathom Film Group in association with VisionTV/ZoomerMedia Limited.

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