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Supernatural Investigator #201: Fortune Telling

Original premiere date: Monday, Jan. 7, 2013
Produced by Arcadia Entertainment

Some believe Fortune Telling is an art – dating back thousands of years – practiced by millions around the world. But others say it is all fraud – a slick business run by fraudsters and criminals – in search of the big bucks. Our investigator, actress Cindy Sampson, from the hit series Supernatural, begins a quest to uncover the truth – locating North America’s top Fortune Tellers – and putting them to the test.

From Tarot cards to palm reading, Cindy challenges psychics and savants to peer into her future. And what they reveal is shocking – from relationship trauma to potentially life-altering illnesses. But the skeptics offer a different angle – providing convincing evidence that these ancient practices hold no truth at all. Finally, Cindy’s encounter with a psychic not far from her hometown is shocking. Using the practices of Nostradamus himself, this psychic opens Cindy’s mind to world she never knew possible – a final, and convincing argument that Fortune Telling may indeed be real.

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