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Holiday ZoomerZone 2016

Enter the Holiday ZoomerZone and You Could Win!

Do you have a favourite holiday recipe? A Christmas carol you love to sing? Record and enter a video and you could win an Amazon gift card!…

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Kirstie's Handmade Christmas 2015: Epsiode 02

Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas 2015

TONIGHT 8pm ET: Kirstie goes to Austria to learn how to make warm woollen mittens, mulled wine and traditional baked tree decorations.…

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Organic Panic Christmas - 2016

Organic Panic Christmas Special: Christmas Decorations and Gifts

TONIGHT 9pm ET: This special focuses on Christmas presents, decorations and what role organics have to play in them.…

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Quartet Plus Four at Christmas

Quartet Plus Four at Christmas

TONIGHT 10pm ET: An inspiring Christmas music special from Halifax featuring Mary Jane Lamond, Cindy Church & Lina Boudreau.…

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Photo of "Persecuted Christians" program logo. Freedom of religion: it’s a right that many of us enjoy to its fullest extent. However, in some parts of the world, the ability to practice one's faith and beliefs can come with a dangerous and demoralizing price. Award-winning film-maker and accomplished foreign correspondent Martin Himel, along with Majed El Shafie, explore some of the atrocities that Christians are facing in Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan. Freedom of religion: it’s a right ...Read more
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Dec 5, 2016

Considering Helen George’s strengths as a performer, it’s hard to believe that she initially didn’t feel like much of an actress. Continue reading

Dec 2, 2016

In this Organic Panic special, one family will experience what it’s like to do both an organic and conventional Christmas. Continue reading

Nov 30, 2016

At the age of 94, Betty White has zero interest in slowing down and retiring, so says the iconic actress during a recent interview. Continue reading

Robin Ellis, the original Ross Poldark, hasn’t ruled out the idea of going topless in the current version of the hit British series, “Poldark.” Continue reading