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David Bowie

David Bowie Saluted by His Son at the BRIT Awards

Duncan Jones, son of the late David Bowie, gave a wonderful tribute to his father at the BRIT Awards. You can watch his full speech here!…

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The Bucket List

The Bucket List

TONIGHT 9pm ET: Two men with little time left and even less to lose, discover that life can be deeply moving and definitely hilarious.…

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One Foot in the Grave

One Foot in the Grave

TONIGHT 8pm ET: Mrs. Warboys comes to stay with the Meldrews while her flat dries out after a flood.…

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Miranda - Season 1 and 2 Cast


TONIGHT 8:30pm ET: Miranda attempts to volunteer at an old folk’s home, but things don’t go as planned.…

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EastEnders 2015/16: Pearl, Kim Fox-Hubbard (TAMEKA EMPSON), Vincent (RICHARD BLACKWOOD), Claudette (ELLEN THOMAS), Jordan (JOIVAN WADE), Denise Fox (DIANE PARISH), Patrick Trueman (RUDOLPH WALKER) Photo: Jay Brooks (c) BBC 2016 Bust-ups and bankruptcy, marriages and murder ...Read more
Sue Thomas FB Eye - Full Cast S1 Based on a true story, Sue ...Read more
The Waltons Before "The Waltons," please be sure ...Read more
Angela Lansbury made famous the former ...Read more
Gospel to Go: Ray St. Germain Gospel to Go - an inspiring, ...Read more
Photo of "Persecuted Christians" program logo. Freedom of religion: it’s a right that many of us enjoy to its fullest extent. However, in some parts of the world, the ability to practice one's faith and beliefs can come with a dangerous and demoralizing price. Award-winning film-maker and accomplished foreign correspondent Martin Himel, along with Majed El Shafie, explore some of the atrocities that Christians are facing in Middle Eastern countries including Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan. Freedom of religion: it’s a right ...Read more
Facing Extremism On the surface an Islamic terrorist, ...Read more
100 Year Old Drivers Is it the end of the ...Read more
Our Lady This one hour documentary chronicles the ...Read more
Apocalypse...When?: Series Host and Writer Brian Paisley WS horsemen and red stars Why do we keep anticipating The ...Read more
Trish Van Devere stars in Columbo: Make Me a Perfect Murder Trish Van Devere guest stars as ...Read more
In "The Family That Preys," working-class ...Read more
Deadliest Sea "Deadliest Sea" is based on the ...Read more
Shawn Doyle and Arsinee Khanjian star in "Sabah" One day, when Sabah least expects ...Read more
Mr. Selfridge S3 Cast If you lived at Downton Abbey, ...Read more
Sisters Sharon and Tracey Stubb have been ...Read more
Martin Clunes shines in his role as ...Read more
Victoria - Season 1 Jenna Coleman ("Doctor Who," "Death Comes ...Read more

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Feb 23, 2017

Measha Brueggergosman tells us about the Bassa tribe’s Assiko dance and what it was like for her to learn it. Continue reading

Duncan Jones, son of the late David Bowie, gave a wonderful tribute to his father at the BRIT Awards. You can watch his full speech here! Continue reading

Feb 22, 2017

As it turns out, what you find on your doorstep could ultimately change your life. Just ask Aidan Turner of “Poldark”! Continue reading

Feb 21, 2017

James Norton has developed a deep affection for the series “Grantchester” and an appreciation for his role as vicar Sidney Chambers. Continue reading