Downton Abbey Cast

Rose MacClare

Lady Rose MacClare Youngest daughter of The Marquess and Marchioness of Flintshire. Cousin and ward of the Granthams. Played by Lily James   Qualities: spontaneous, daring, lighthearted, flirtatious, forthright If you thought that Lady Rose MacClare’s antics in Season 3 were the most … Continue reading

Anthony Foyle

Anthony Foyle Lord Gillingham Played by Tom Cullen   Qualities: sincere, honourable, romantic, patient, persistent A lifelong acquaintance of the Crawleys, and a particularly close childhood friend to Lady Mary, Anthony Foyle will have a lot to catch up on when he and … Continue reading

Harold Levinson

Harold Levinson Son of Martha Levinson. Brother of Cora Crawley. Played by Paul Giamatti Qualities: outspoken, unaffected, gregarious, restless, generous A figure mentioned, but rarely seen, Cora’s brother Harold has a particularly colourful (and not entirely flattering) reputation to live up to. … Continue reading

Edna Braithwaite

Edna Braithwaite Lady’s Maid Played by MyAnna Buring Qualities: manipulative, driven, ambitious, secretive, deceitful If you thought that Downton had seen the last of conniving maid Edna Braithwaite, think again. As persistent as she is beguiling, her prominent new position in the … Continue reading

Jack Ross

Jack Ross Bandleader, Jack Ross & Orchestra. Played by Gary Carr Qualities: confident, talented, charismatic, kind A youthful American jazz singer, Jack Ross is as engaging in person as he is charming on stage. A band leader at the always swinging Lotus … Continue reading

Michael Gregson

Michael Gregson Publisher. Editor of The Sketch magazine. Played by Charles Edwards Qualities: intelligent, entrepreneurial, cultured, unpretentious, open-minded It’s not surprising that the opinionated, but oft-overlooked Edith found a promising match in a man that both shared her outlook and appreciated her … Continue reading

Charles Blake

Charles Blake Government administrator. Oversees Crawley family friend Evelyn Napier. Played by Julian Ovenden   Qualities: practical, forward-thinking, unsentimental, observant, stubborn Charles Blake may be friendly with longtime allies of the Crawleys, but that certainly doesn’t mean he has any sympathy … Continue reading

Jimmy Kent

Jimmy Kent Footman Played by Ed Speelers   Qualities: confident, outspoken, attractive, ambitious, righteous A handsome and confident young man joins the Downton staff as the newest Footman in the midst of life changing events upstairs and the resulting turmoil … Continue reading

Mary Crawley

Lady Mary Crawley Eldest daughter of Robert and Cora Crawley, Lord and Lady Grantham. Widow of Matthew Crawley. Mother of George Crawley. Played by Michelle Dockery   Qualities: graceful, headstrong, entitled, selfish at times, caring Lady Mary Crawley is beautiful, … Continue reading

Daisy Mason

Daisy Mason Kitchen Maid, Assistant Cook Played by Sophie McShera   Qualities: demure, impressionable, whimsical, naive, under-confident During the war Daisy Robinson went from being an innocent, hard worker just trying to stay out of the way, to being a … Continue reading