Doing Jewish

Doing Jewish Doc Looks at Religion’s Ability to Positively Cross Borders

PREMIERES TONIGHT at 9pm ET: “Doing Jewish: A Story from Ghana” traces how Judaism reached the region and what it means to the people there who practice it. Continue reading

Grantchester Case File S1E2

Grantchester Case File S1E2: A Death Defines a Dinner Party

A dinner party leads to a missing engagement ring and a murder. You’ll never guess who was involved in the theft and the death! Continue reading

Gord Downie

Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip Diagnosed with “Incurable” Brain Cancer

One of Canada’s most celebrated musicians, Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Continue reading

Grantchester S1E1

Grantchester Case File S1E1: When the Vicar Becomes the Investigator

A private conversation with a concerned citizen turns into the first step of an enthralling future for Grantchester vicar Sidney Chambers. Continue reading

Kyle Soller

Kyle Soller on Poldark’s Popularity and Fan Recognition

Poldark star Kyle Soller touches on the popularity of the hit UK series and if more people now recognize him on the street. Continue reading

The Baha'is

The Bahá’ís Shines a Light on the World’s Youngest Independent Religion

“The Bahá’ís” is a captivating documentary that shines a glowing light upon the Bahá’í faith and those who practice it. Continue reading

Grantchester S1

Granchester Brings Mystery & Murder to Wednesday Nights on VisionTV

Sidney Chambers may be a man of the cloth, but his calm duties soon become revved up and dangerous when a murder takes place. Continue reading


An Exciting New Season of theZoomer Premieres May 16

theZoomer kicks off a new season with hot, talk-worthy topics like the US Election, health, travel, relationships and more. Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Harry - Invictus 2016

Prince Harry Dishes on Queen Elizabeth II’s Hilarious Viral Video Appearance

For an Invictus Games video, Prince Harry recruited his grandmother to humorously mock the American team’s chance at victory. Continue reading

Arthur & George: Snapshots of Suspense E3

Arthur & George: Snapshots of Suspense from Episode 3

Arthur believes to have finally figured out the identity of the man who relentlessly butchered innocent animals. Continue reading