Cilla S1E3: Beattastic Playlist Feature Image

The Beat-Tastic Cilla Playlist – Part 3

A video list of all the great 60s era songs performed in the final episode of the music-packed docudrama series, Wed. at 9pm ET. Continue reading

Breathless Examination S1E3

Breathless S1E3 Examination: Liars’ Den

In this episode of Breathless, Otto is questioned by police for his late night activities and Richard flaunts his affair. Continue reading

Cilla S1E2: Cilla Black (SHERIDAN SMITH)

Cilla Backbeat E2

Cilla is signed by Beatles manager Brian Epstein but struggles to find success in the business, while Bobby searches for a role in her life. Continue reading


The Beat-tastic Cilla Playlist: Part 2

The beat goes on! Dive into our list of ’60s hits found in the second captivating episode of “Cilla”, tonight at 9pm ET. Surprises too! Continue reading

Breathless Examination S1E2: Otto Powell (JACK DAVENPORT)

Breathless S1E2 Examination: Passion Plays

Passion and regret heat up in episode two. Otto can’t get Angela out of his head and the Truscotts struggle with being newlyweds. Continue reading

Cilla Backbeat E1: Cilla Black (SHERIDAN SMITH)

Cilla Backbeat E1

Burgeoning singer Cilla Black tries to get the attention of The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein. Local baker Bobby Willis lies his way into her heart. Continue reading

Cilla: Cilla Black (SHERIDAN SMITH) - Feature Image

The Beat-tastic Cilla Playlist: Part 1

Check out our look, and listen, back at all the great ’50s & ’60s music featured in the first episode of Cilla. Continue reading

Breathless Examination S1E1: Otto Powell (JACK DAVENPORT)

Breathless S1E1 Examination

In the premiere, new nurse Angela catches the wandering eye of Dr. Otto Powell & Jean worries about marrying Richard for the wrong reasons. Continue reading


The Stars of Breathless: A Who’s Who

An all-star cast breathes big life into the Mad Men-esque medical drama, Breathless, premiering Wednesdays at 10pm ET, June 10 – July 16. Continue reading


World Premiere: The New Holocaust – A ZNews Special

TONIGHT 9pm ET: ZNews covers One Free World Intnl’s missions to rescue Yazidi & Christian victims of brutality & enslavement by ISIS. Continue reading