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Context with Lorna Dueck is a weekly, half-hour, independently produced television program. The program presents “life beyond the headlines,” exploring news and current affairs stories from a Christian world view. Journalist and host Lorna Dueck and the Context with Lorna Dueck team dig behind the headlines to investigate those points at which news and spirituality converge, to illuminate God’s involvement in the issues and events of our day.

THIS SUNDAY ON CONTEXT (July 26, 2015 at 12:30pm ET/9:30am PT): HEROES OF HOPE
This is the tale of two people—servants—they would tell you. They represent thousands of tireless workers—yet around the globe, “they” are the face of hope and compassion for a world in need of both. Dave Toycen reflects on his term as CEO of World Vision, and four decades of global travel, with news of positive change, and fresh hope for people in despair. Nancy Writebol is one of the world’s best-known Ebola survivors. The medical missionary describes life at the epicentre of the outbreak, her near-death experience, and the faith that sustained her through her darkest day. They are two extraordinary people, sharing one, unshakeable faith.

WATCH THE LATEST EPISODE: GOD’S PR PROBLEM (Sunday, July 19, 2015) Church attendance is dwindling. So now, rather than just opening the doors and waiting for the world to come in, many churches are reaching out. Pope Francis recently reminded his Church not to become stuck in old ways. He remarked: “God is not afraid of new things.”

He said that at the end of a meeting that began a controversial discussion of whether the Catholic Church should be more welcoming to those disconnected from the Church– including divorced and remarried Catholics and gays and lesbians. Churches are beginning to ask tough, new questions — marking an age of introspection rarely seen before.

The program first aired as a stand-alone production in 2003, under the name Listen Up TV.  Context with Lorna Dueck is a live-to-tape, interactive show with a studio audience that is part of the production.  With the help of interactive polling, the studio audience votes and their responses are integrated into the episode.  Viewers at home are also asked to participate in the polls.  To book tickets for the studio audience, email

Lorna Dueck is an award winning journalist and leading analyst on faith and public life in Canada. Known for her hard-hitting faith-focused journalism, Dueck currently writes about faith and public life for the Globe and Mail and was the creator, host and executive producer of Listen Up TV from which, Context has evolved.

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