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Longevity Road Trip - Title Image 2

Longevity Road Trip

Mondays (Beginning February 12!) | 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT

Five Zoomer couples embark on journeys as unique as they are, each one designed to engage in an activity to extend and explore the limits of ageing and ultimately, to keep them young.

We’ll join them as they reveal the secrets of billion-dollar research centres from India to California, swim in a sacred cenote in the Yucatan jungle, divine the tantric arts on the beaches of Cap d’Agde, push their bodies to the limits of endurance in St. Lucia and dance the night away in Spain.

Longevity Road Trip - S1 - BTS

From highfalutin, to folksy, to just plain flakey, each trip will challenge the voyaging couple to transform themselves and everything we believe we know about aging.

Episode 1 – Silicon Valley and the Blue Zones (California)
Monday, February 12

Husbands Ian and Leon discuss the future of tech and genetic research in longevity in San Francisco, then drive a classic car across the pacific coast highway to 7th Day Adventist community Loma Linda to learn about Blue Zones and simple lifestyle changes to live longer.

Longevity Road Trip - S1 - BTS

Episode 2 – Voluntourism (Peru)
Monday, February 19

Recently married Sonia and Lennox head to Lobitos, a remote village on the Peruvian coast. They work with a local community group to teach children to surf, speak English, ocean ecology and become community leaders.

Longevity Road Trip - S1 - BTS

Episode 3 – Fountains of Youth (Bimini/Florida)
Monday, February 26

Best Friends  Vivian and Shirley swim with dolphins in sacred waters, visit the real site of the Fountain of Youth and learn about the history of humanity’s quest for immortality.

Longevity Road Trip - S1 - BTS

Episode 4 – Love, Sexuality and Aging (South of France)
Monday, March 5

Unconventional couple Taimi and Haldun meet with a sex therapist to explore their physical and romantic connection, then travel to the Cap d’Agde in the south of France to visit a nudist colony and a swingers resort after meeting with France’s leading expert on sex and aging.

Longevity Road Trip - S1 - BTS

Episode 5 – Exercise (Innsbruck Austrian Alps/Hamilton MacMaster University)
Monday, March 12

Lily and Oren visit a cutting edge lab at McMaster to learn how exercise can repair your DNA. They travel to a luxury resort in the Austrian Alps to undergo a rigourous training regimen designed to keep their bodies and minds young and strong.

Longevity Road Trip - S1 - BTS
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