Sue Thomas FB Eye - Full Cast S1

Sue Thomas F.B. Eye

Monday - Thursday | 3pmET/Noon PT

Based on a true story, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye follows the adventures of Sue Thomas at the FBI in Washington, D.C. She’s one hard-headed, soft-hearted woman whose talent for reading lips helps crack crimes and bag the bad guys in places listening devices can’t penetrate.  Stars Deanne Bray, Yannick Bisson and Rick Peters.

Monday, August 4 - In an effort to get close to a suburban husband and wife suspected of having terrorist ties, Sue and Jack go undercover as a married couple.

Tuesday, August 5 - Sue must use her friendship with the wife of a missing terrorist to help the FBI find him before he makes good on a promised attack.

Wednesday, August 6 - Sue witnesses Tara shoot a robber, and as they deal with the emotional aftermath, they learn that someone has vowed revenge on Tara.

Thursday, August 7 - When a journalist is murdered, Sue, Jack and the FBI team face intense pressure to solve the high-profile case. Sue finds that a congressional aide has more than voter registration on his mind when she helps with his campaign.

Monday, August 11 - When Levi gets lost, a devastated Sue faces the possibility of life without her best friend. Bobby goes undercover as a gambler.

Tuesday, August 12 - Sue is assigned a missing persons case when a 19-year old deaf college student disappears. Myles is determined to secure an overseas assignment, believing it has connections with the CIA.

Wednesday, August 13 - While Lucy’s grandmother is on the verge of becoming homeless due to a contract fraud, a bank robbery has the FBI team’s attention divided.

Thursday, August 14 - Jack finds himself face to face with a civil rights lawyer after being accused of denying a potential terrorist their rights.

Monday, August 18 - When an acquaintance of Sue’s sees who she thinks was a concentration camp guard in World War II, Sue begins to investigate, looking for the man with little evidence to go on. Meanwhile, Myles, Bobby, and Dimitrius battle against Randy over travel expenses.

Tuesday, August 19 - Sue meets Jack and Bobby’s FBI Mentor when he brings the team in on a case to sting a North Korean terror group – but Sue discovers that things are not as they seem. Meanwhile, Lucy reconnects with her old high school love – with surprising results.

Wednesday, August 20 - Sue and Dimitrius put an operative in the field to take down an illegal arms sale – but when the encounter gives them a chance to land an even bigger fish, Dimitrius goes undercover as the bait. Meanwhile, Dimitrius wife Donna has some unexpected news of her own.

Thursday, August 21 - Sue and the team must infiltrate a Chinese drug-smuggling ring, requiring Bobby to go undercover at the gang leader’s nightclub – as an Elvis impersonator. And Sue learns that her friend Troy has an estranged brother – and that the estranged brother has a secret.

Monday, August 25 - When the members of a think tank are found shot dead, Sue and the team track down the sole survivor – but is he a possible future victim or the murderer? By accident, Sue ends up in the fleeing man’s car. And Sue teaches Levi some new tricks – or maybe he’s teaching her.

Tuesday, August 26 - Investigating a 5-year old murder, the team automatically links the killing to a group of drug dealers, but further investigating draws them towards another killing that occurred just months before the first. Meanwhile, Myles attempts to improve his neighborly relations.

Wednesday, August 27 - In order to solve a case involving two men shot with the same gun, Sue and Jack go undercover to the law firm that the two men both worked at. With Miles sister also working at the law firm the agents get deeper and deeper into the facts of the case.

Thursday, August 28 - When the F.B.I’s special assistant Howie claims to have nearly escaped being shot, Jack and the team are skeptical as to the legitimacy of Howie’s story. However Howie’s tale becomes more and more plausible as other killings arise, all linked to Howie’s incident.

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