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Sue Thomas F.B. Eye

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Based on a true story, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye follows the adventures of Sue Thomas at the FBI in Washington, D.C. She’s one hard-headed, soft-hearted woman whose talent for reading lips helps crack crimes and bag the bad guys in places listening devices can’t penetrate.  Stars Deanne Bray, Yannick Bisson and Rick Peters.

Monday, July 7 - Dimitrius and his family are stalked by a recently released armed robber intent on revenge. Sue deals with a mysterious informant while trying to bring down a money-laundering ring.

Tuesday, July 8 - When Sue uncovers corruption at a powerful corporation, the team soon find their careers – and their lives – in danger.

Wednesday, July 9 - Bobby tries to prevent a man from attacking a woman, but is suspended when the man turns out to be a Sudanese diplomat with immunity from U.S law enforcement.

Thursday, July 10 - The F.B.I races against time to track down a crate of strontium which they believe will be used to make a large nuclear bomb.

Monday, July 14 - Two security trucks, carrying loads of money, go missing. Sue and Lucy go to a deaf club where speaking is not permitted.

Tuesday, July 15 - When an unsuccessful raid by the F.B.I coincides with the disappearance of one of Sue’s informants, the team initially suspects terrorists as the source of the leak – but their suspicions soon turn to a senator.

Wednesday, July 16 - The F.B.I team’s favorite waitress, Kitty Chen, seems to be involved in software piracy and has been using Tara’s business card in the process.

Thursday, July 17 - The F.B.I team must use a jail-bound con man in order to catch an elusive criminal.  Bobby isn’t happy about working with the con man, who happens to be his father.

Monday, July 21 - Sue and Myles are assigned to a special task force trying to take down a South American drug group, but an agent is killed in the field and Sue is blamed.

Tuesday, July 22 - When it seems that an innocent man was convicted of being a serial killer long ago, the F.B.I starts a new search using evidence from a recent killing. Jack is accused of killing and traumatizing chickens.

Wednesday, July 23 - Sue reluctantly attends a the wedding of an old classmate, while the F.B.I watches an up-for-release prisoner who may be after the wife who put him in jail.

Thursday, July 24 - Lucy’s mom announces that she is engaged. The F.B.I looks into the shooting of a judge who is a friend of Jack’s.

Monday, July 28 - A young deaf girl claims to have witnessed a kidnapping; an author comes to interview Myles.

Tuesday, July 29 - Three random people are all shot by the same man, and the team has little evidence to go on.  Jack takes life-endangering action to catch the sniper.

Wednesday, July 30 - As Myles cracks down on a case of art forgery, the rest of the team investigates a bomb threat. Sue worries when Charlie begins to forget certain things.

Thursday, July 31 - Sue tries to honor a dying woman’s request that her daughter’s killer be brought to justice, but makes a disturbing discovery in the process. Bobby, Jack and Myles compete to see who can draw the highest bids as the dream dates for a charity auction.

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