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The Waltons

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The winner of more than a dozen Emmy Awards, The Waltons stands today as one of television’s finest family dramas: the heartfelt and gentle story of a poor but upright rural American family struggling to stay together through the hardships of the Great Depression and the dark days of World War Two. Starring Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite and Michael Learned.


Tuesday, Apr. 22 - “The Carousel”: The death of Cindy’s father reveals she was adopted, and a search for her real parents begins. Due to the lack of attention from Drew, Elizabeth looks elsewhere for romance.

Wednesday, Apr. 23 - “The Hot Rod”: Released from military service, Jim-Bob and his friend Jody refuse to settle down, until an accident forces them to see things differently. The Baldwin sisters discover a secret room.

Thursday, Apr. 24 - “The Gold Watch”: Stanley Perkins returns to Rose, but he’s not well. A new singer at the Dew Drop pays too much attention to Toni.

Friday, Apr. 25 - “The Beginning”: A new minister comes to Walton’s Mountain church and quickly disturbs the congregation. But he soon becomes an important member of the community, especially as he helps Jason and Toni make an important decision about marriage.

Monday, Apr. 28 - “The Pearls”: While Corabeth is out of town, her sister comes to visit Ike. Elizabeth, feeling left out of the lives of her family members, decides to run away from home.

Tuesday, Apr. 29 - “The Victims”: A local girl is brutalized by her husband, and Mary Ellen and Erin are soon involved. Jim-Bob schemes to make money by selling war surplus goods.

Wednesday, Apr. 30 - “The Threshold”: Jim-Bob builds a television set so that the family can see John-Boy’s experimental television project. Rose’s crash diet raises complications.

Thursday, May 1 - “The Indiscretion”: Corabeth files for divorce over some old love letters. Drew wants a night with Elizabeth.

Friday, May 2 - “The Heartache”: Rose’s wedding is nearly canceled when she discovers that she has a heart condition. Cindy takes a job, but finds that she’s happier at home.

Monday, May 5 - “The Lumberjack”: Erin falls in love with a young lumberjack with a mysterious past. Ike and Jim-Bob hunt for uranium on Walton’s Mountain.

Tuesday, May 6 - “The Hostage”: Mary Ellen interferes in the mountain tradition of promising young girls in marriage, and the frustrated groom retaliates by kidnapping Elizabeth. The Baldwins welcome their eccentric cousin Octavia.

Wednesday, May 7 - “The Revel”: John-Boy goes to New York to pursue his writing career, and the Baldwin sisters plan a fancy dress ball — but both plans go awry.

Thursday, May 8 - “The Foundling”: When the Waltons teach sign language to an abandoned deaf girl, the love created by their concern reunites the child with her family.

Friday, May 9 - “The Carnival”: Olivia’s concern over the friendship between the Walton children and four stranded carnival performers turns to respect and admiration after the family is invited to a private performance.

Monday, May 12 - “The Calf”: Elizabeth and Jim Bob rebel when John announces they need to sell Chance’s calf.

Tuesday, May 13 - “The Hunt”: Unable to pull the trigger to shoot a turkey on his first hunting trip, John-Boy proves his courage by saving his father’s life.

Wednesday, May 14 - “The Typewriter”: When John-Boy secretly borrows an antique typewriter from the Baldwin sisters, his sister innocently sells it to a junkman.

Thursday, May 15 - “The Star”: Grandpa Walton believes a shooting star is an omen of death until he learns that another superstitious belief may result in the Baldwin sisters losing their famous still.

Friday, May 16 - “The Sinner”: A young preacher staying a few days with the Waltons leads John-Boy to learn the meaning of grace.

Monday, May 19 - “The Boy from the C.C.C.”: An injured runaway boy who is taken in by the Waltons unexpectedly betrays their trust.

Tuesday, May 20 - “The Ceremony”: A family of Jewish refugees comes to Walton’s Mountain from Nazi Germany, and the family members worry that the persecution they have suffered will continue in their new country.

Wednesday, May 21 - “The Legend”: While visiting the Walton family, an old World War I buddy of John’s tries to hide his failure in life with a barrage of wartime tales about his daring deeds.

Thursday, May 22 - “The Literary Man”: A self-styled writer sends John-Boy’s literary dreams soaring so high that the Waltons lose an important wood-cutting contract.

Friday, May 23 - “The Dust Bowl Cousins”: The unexpected arrival of the Waltons’ cousins creates havoc in the home, but John-Boy learns a good lesson from Grandpa.

Monday, May 26 - “The Reunion”: John-Boy unexpectedly becomes an undercover agent for the sheriff, when an unscrupulous relative of the Baldwin sisters uses their “recipe” for whiskey for his own gain.

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