Twice in a Lifetime: (l to r) Al Waxman as Judge Othniel, Gordie Brown as Mr. Jones

Twice in a Lifetime

Mon. - Thurs. |  3pm ET/12pm PT (through Oct. 14, 2015)

Twice in A Lifetime is an inspiring and provocative series that taps into a universal fantasy: to be given a second chance to fix an error of the past. Every episode features a guest star playing a flawed person who dies suddenly. Waiting for him or her on the other side are two celestial figures: a guide, Mr. Jones (Gordie Brown), and Judge Othniel (Al Waxman), who offers the person a chance to return to earth and to a time when they went astray. Accompanied by Mr. Jones, the character has three days to cajole his younger self to not make the same mistake.

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