Poldark Poll S1E6: How Should Mark Deal with Keren’s Wandering Eye?



Poldark Poll S1E6

When Ross Poldark’s (Aidan Turner) friend Dr. Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) arrives in Cornwall, his primary concern has been tending to hard-working miners. However, his efforts to help others get healthy have been unreasonably distracted thanks to one married woman who can’t help but look for love outside of her union: Keren Smith (Sabrina Bartlett.)

Recently married to one of Ross’ other close friends, Mark Daniel (Matthew Wilson), this scruffy, burly, yet heartfelt man adored Keren from the moment he saw her perform in a nearby sideshow. Initially she seemed to have a similar feeling for Mark and soon agreed to marry him. But, emotions changed once Keren scoffed at the modest home awaiting her and used her own wedding reception as a place to start enticing Dr. Enys.

Since that point, Keren has been openly dismissive of Mark, critiquing his intelligence and disregarding his affection.

“It’s no secret you could’ve done better for yourself,” relays Mark to Keren during an unpleasant conversation. “I’m only glad you did pick me [and] not some highfalutin, scholarly chap.”

Poldark Poll S1E6   Poldark Poll S1E6

At this moment, Mark is seemingly unaware of Keren’s wandering eye. But, others are becoming wise.

After purposely injuring herself, Dr. Enys is summoned to tend to Keren. As he treats her injured arm, Keren can’t help but get flirtatious: “I never knew anyone could be so kind,” she offers while wearing a face filled with desire. Dr. Enys, to his credit, chose to keep things professional.

Again looking for an excuse to see Dr. Enys, Keren bangs on the door of his empty home shortly after being cared for. Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), seeing this and feeling like Keren is looking for more than pain medication, warns Keren of the vibe she’s putting out there. Defensively, Keren dismisses Demelza’s assumption that she’s eyeballing another man.

Unfortunately for Keren, her frisky reputation has grown, so much so, Mark begins to wonder if she’s being unfaithful.

Poldark Poll S1E6   Poldark Poll S1E6

Mark: “Folks say she’s brazen – that she’ll fling herself at other men.”

Ross: “Have you asked her if that’s true?”

Mark: “I haven’t the heart to, Ross. I can’t [make] myself believe it. But, if a man can’t trust his wife…”

Ross: “You must have faith, Mark. Without that, there’s no hope for a marriage.”

With Mark suspecting that Keren is looking for dalliances outside of their marriage, he has found himself in a very trying, if not embarrassing predicament. How do you think he should handle the situation?

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-Adam Grant

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