The Home Fires Burning Question S1E2: Will the War Tear the Brindsley Family Apart?



Home Fires Burning Question S1E2

Welcome to this week’s “Home Fires” Burning Question! Before reading and participating in the poll, do note that there are many spoilers ahead. This episode of Home Fires is available to watch through Thursday, March 11, 2016

As September 1939 arrives, World War II is in motion and those in Great Paxford are quickly realizing the internal struggles that can come from the beginnings of such a polarizing event.

In the Brindsley household, emotions are raw. At 17-years-old, the lone Brindsley child, David, has spoken loudly about his desire to enlist in the military. While his father Bryn can sympathize with David’s desire to fight for his country, mother Miriam is not ready for her son to get in harm’s way.

One morning with David’s intentions clearly weighing on her mind, Miriam watches a pack of military recruits jog past her. In their midst, she sees David at the back of the pack and frantically chases the men, pleading with her son not to go. An emotionally wrought Miriam is soon zipped back to reality as David, in his work attire, approaches from behind, stopping her over-active imagination. Clearly, this matter needs a resolution…and fast.

After another breakdown, Bryn (who was informed of Miriam’s prior outburst by David) has a heart-to-heart with his wife. During this frank conversation, Bryn realizes that he needs to come up with a way to keep both his wife and child on the same page. Thus, he sits down by the fire with David.

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David: “What’s wrong with wanting to fight for your country?”

Bryn: “Nothing, [now] let’s get one thing straight. I’m not looking to stop you.”

David: “Ma is.”

Bryn: “She doesn’t want to see you hurt David…or worse.”

David: “I’m not going to die if that’s what she’s thinking. She still thinks I’m a child.”

Bryn: “David, all I want to ask is that you don’t join up.”

David: “I thought you said you didn’t want to stop me.”

Bryn: “I want you to give your ma time to get used to the idea that you will eventually go. If this [war] carries on, they’ll come for you soon enough. Give her time to accept it.”

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Following this poignant and affective chat, David informs Miriam that he will wait to be called. He warns his mother of the inevitability of this, but assures her that he won’t be charging toward enlistment.

As receptive to that compromise as Miriam appeared to be, her actions soon took a sharp left when she opted not to include David’s name on the government’s Form for National Registration. By deciding not to enter her son’s information, there’s a good chance that he may never get called to serve.

Although Miriam is ultimately trying to protect her child from potential danger, do you think this decision to hide David’s information from the government will cause a major rift within her family?

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Home Fires” airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET/6pm PT from February 3 through March 9, followed at 10pm ET/7pm PT by encore episodes of Downton Abbey’s fourth season.

-Adam Grant

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