Interim Conservative Party Leader May Vote Against Assisted Dying Bill



Rona Ambrose

Last month, the Federal Government of Canada introduced Bill C-14, “An Act to amend the Criminal Code and to make related amendments to other Acts (medical assistance in dying.)” Immediately, a sizeable amount of criticism was lobbed at the Liberal party as many thought the parameters of the proposed legislation were too restrictive and didn’t cover all the bases. (Click here to read what Bill C-14 entails.)

As the calendar moves toward the June 6 deadline of turning this bill into law, comes word that interim Conservative party leader, Rona Ambrose, may vote against Bill C-14 if improvements are not made.

According to The Canadian Press, Ambrose doesn’t believe strong enough safeguards have been put in place for the disabled community. What’s more, she doesn’t think that issues related to mental health were addressed well enough in the bill.

That said, Ambrose isn’t totally committed to voting against Bill C-14. The Canadian Press reports that Ambrose concedes that the Liberal party is open to amending the legislation. As for Ambrose’s party mates, they have been encouraged to vote their conscience.

“I think they are being constructive and collaborative,” said Ambrose of the Liberals.

She added: “Many of our MPs and potentially some from other parties will bring forward amendments and then I will reconsider at third reading.”

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-Adam Grant

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