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Quote Vote! Rank Your Favourite Quotes from The Waltons!

The Waltons

Over the course of nine seasons, “The Waltons” grew to become one of the most revered and respected family dramas to grace the airwaves. Weekdays, “The Waltons” can be seen on VisionTV at 5pm ET/2pm PT, immediately following “Little House on the Prairie.”

In addition to the excellent cast and its ability to frame the struggles and triumphs families faced during the Great Depression and World War II, one element of “The Waltons” that truly stood out was the writing. Thanks to that, loyal viewers were left with incredibly memorable quotes.

Here, we’ve selected 12 of our favourite quotes from “The Waltons” and would like for you to vote up the quotes you love the most [click the “up” arrow] and vote down [click the “down” arrow] for the ones you may not be as fond of.

Have fun!

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