Cold Feet Gets the Green Light for a Seventh Season!



Throughout season six of “Cold Feet,” viewers have been warmly reintroduced to series staples Adam (James Nesbitt), Karen (Hermione Norris), Pete (John Thomson), Jenny (Fay Ripley) and David (Robert Bathurst), following a 13-year hiatus. Add in dazzling supporting characters like Tina (Leanne Best) and Matthew (Ceallach Spellman) and the series has again proven itself to once again be a winner.

In fact, the reception of “Cold Feet” season six went over so well, a seventh season has been given the green light. Production for it will begin in Manchester this March.

“We all said we only wanted to bring ‘Cold Feet’ back if we could maintain the standard previously set,” commented series writer Mike Bullen as part of the seventh season announcement. “I’ve been blown away by the show’s reception among viewers and critics alike. It has exceeded even my hopes.”

Cold Feet

Concluded Bullen: “I shall take a moment to bask in the warm glow…okay, done that. Now the hard graft resumes.”

When promoting the sixth season of “Cold Feet,” Bullen explained why he believes the series connects so well with people.

“It’s about ordinary life. What I really want to do was replicate the lives we were all leading, but show them in a way that hopefully more entertaining. I think that’s why the show worked [at the outset] – people recognize themselves and their friends in it.”

“The first five series were about a group of people whose youth was ebbing away,” relayed Bathurst. “And to some extent, our youth has ebbed. That presents a whole series of problems.”

Cold Feet

Added Norris: “I thought it would be quite interesting to see these characters in their lives, late 40s, early 50s.”

Thus far in season six, this tight-knit circle of friends have experienced vast amounts of personal growth, surprising realizations, failures, heartbreaks, triumphs, laughs, great seriousness and the ability to bounce back. We can only imagine where the show will take us in a seventh season!

This week on “Cold Feet” (Tuesday, February 14 at 8pm ET/5pm PT): Adam has to come to terms with his feelings for Tina; David feels the pressure of his impending trial; and Pete seeks to get in touch with his inner self. 

-Adam Grant

Cold Feet

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