Unit 8200: How Top-Secret Military Hackers Revolutionized Technology



Unit 8-200

ZoomerMedia Founder and VisionTV Executive Producer Moses Znaimer has confirmed that VisionTV will present the world premiere of Martin Himel’s new 60-minute documentary “Unit 8200,” an inside look into the lives of the graduates of the Israeli military top-secret Unit 8200, the elite Cyber Team of the Israel Defense Forces’ Military Intelligence. “Unit 8200” will premiere on VisionTV on Monday, May 8 at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

Twenty years ago, hackers were considered to be criminals. Today, they are young geniuses recruited to find solutions to what are generally considered to be unsolvable problems of vital national and economic security.

Unit 8-200

Unit 8200 is Israel’s version of America’s NSA. With just 2000 workers, all soldiers whose average age is just 19-22 years old, Unit 8200 is the backbone of the Israeli intelligence community. Unit 8200 programmers, along with the NSA, co-authored the code for the Stuxnet virus called “the most menacing malware in history” that took down thousands of Iranian centrifuges used for enriching weapons-grade Uranium, the essential ingredient for nuclear weapons.

In “Unit 8200,” Himel speaks with the 8200 veterans – world-class hackers – on how and why these men and women are now having a global impact on one of the hottest industries – the hi tech cyber world. Israel has been dubbed “Start-Up Nation” and Tel Aviv is only second to Silicon Valley for the number of tech start-ups and venture capital funding per capita in the world. Nowhere has that impact been felt more than in the automotive industry. Intel has just bought Israeli start-up Mobileye for a record-breaking $20 billion for its self-driving technology.

Today, where driverless cars are the future of the auto industry, already hackers can take over computerized steering wheels, breaks, and locks. Himel follows Ofer, Yaron and Oron, three 8200 vets who served together for six years and then founded Argus Cyber Security Ltd., now one of the world’s top car anti-hacking software companies valued at $200 million. Canada’s multi-billion dollar Magna has established a strategic partnership with Argus which is also working with top car manufacturers in the US, Japan, Germany and Korea to tackle what they believe will become a massive global problem.

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Himel also profiles Inbal Arieli, an 8200 veteran and dark web expert named by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential women worldwide in the hi-tech industry. Arieli has founded a series of programs for innovators, including Israel’s first start-up accelerator; and serves as Senior Advisor to Start-Up Nation Central.

“These young hi tech entrepreneurs have that special element – military training with Unit 8200. The 8200 brand has become a gold standard in hi tech innovation. They were exposed to the biggest tech challenges and were empowered to solve them. Today, they are creating companies that are being sold for hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars,” said Himel, a television war correspondent who has travelled to the most dangerous places in the world and has produced documentaries for VisionTV including “Persecuted Christians,” “Jew Bashing: The New Anti-Semitism,” and “Pensioner Power.”

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