Could a Miranda Movie Ever Happen?



Miranda S6E3: Miranda Preston (MIRANDA HART), Penny Preston (PATRICIA HODGE)

Miranda Hart, as we’re sure you’re aware of, is an amazingly funny actress unafraid to take chances on the screen. In her “Miranda” sitcom, Hart isn’t timid about poking fun at some of her perceived shortcomings, all they while constructing a character with a big heart and lots of layers.

For three seasons and a two-part special that served as the series finale, “Miranda” was a runaway train of success. In the U.K. alone, more than nine million viewers would tune into new episodes. Thus, it’s fair to assume that more “Miranda” is something fans would love. Perhaps, then, making a “Miranda” movie would make sense?

“I considered it and worked towards writing a script,” said Hart in an interview with BBC Radio 4 Extra. “Then I kept thinking, these films never work.”

“The transition from a studio sitcom to a film never works – ‘The Inbetweeners’ is a perfect example of it working brilliantly, because it was filmic anyway,” she continued. “But what are [the characters] doing on location? And we’re not hearing laughs [from the audience], so it’s such a different thing.”

Miranda & Stevie

Miranda went on to explain that Jimmy Perry, the late writer of “Dad’s Army,” influenced her decision to pull back from her movie-making idea.

Perry’s influence came in the form of an article he wrote in 2013 about the challenges of turning sitcoms into movies. There, he specifically stated: “A little warning for Miranda and her team – making ‘Dad’s Army’ for TV was a delight, which is more than can be said about the film.”

He added: “Miranda Hart is a fine comedy actress and I wish her well if she makes a film. But it’s a bumpy ride and a long way to the Academy Awards!”

Said Miranda of that article: “And I thought, well he knows, so I’m going to honour that.”

That said, Hart – who is set to star in the West End theatre debut of Annie at the Piccadilly Theatre in London from May 23 to September – sounds like she wouldn’t mind bringing an updated version of the “Miranda” series to loyal audiences.

Conceded Hart: “I think you could do married life as a sitcom, with Miranda and Gary and see how they’re getting on.”

Miranda & Gary

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-Adam Grant

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