The Tried, Yet True, Marriage of Poldark’s Ross & Demelza



On many levels, marriage is the ultimate reward for two people lucky enough to have found love in each other. That said, to make your marriage a successful one, trust, understanding, honesty and hard work is a must.
For Ross and Demelza on “Poldark,” their marriage has faced many uphill climbs. From financial difficulties, to external flirtations, to grand tragedies, the duo still has tension, but remarkably seem unbreakable.

Poldark S2E8

“The whole ‘Poldark’ saga is actually an exploration of a successful marriage. Ross and Demelza are fundamentally soul mates. But, that doesn’t mean it’s easy,” explains series Writer and Executive Producer, Debbie Horsfield. “They absolutely go to the brink and back again. I think that’s why it is a fascinating relationship.”
At the heart of their struggles is Ross’ kamikaze ways that can sometimes put himself, and his household, in danger.
“He’s a gambler – that’s in his blood. That’s what he is. When he’s in debt, he borrows more money to try and get himself out of debt,” offers leading man Aidan Turner. “He lives on the edge. You never quite know what to expect with Ross.”

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“He often just does what he wants to do – that’s classic Ross. I think that’s why he gets on so well with Demelza,” adds leading lady Eleanor Tomlinson. “They are both such free spirits.”
In her own right, Demelza has a feisty and fiercely independent streak that doesn’t always jive with her husband’s wishes. As you know, these actions can either fan the flames, or extinguish a burning bridge.
Continues Horsfield: “What I love about this portrait of a marriage is that it’s not afraid to look at the really, really tough things.”

Poldark S2E3

For a closer review of Ross and Demelza’s complex marriage, we encourage you to watch the video below.
-Adam Grant

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The third season of “Poldark” premieres Wednesday, May 9 at 9pm ET/6pm PT!

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