Poldark’s Jack Farthing Explains How Marriage has Changed George



Throughout Jack Farthing’s run as George Warleggan on “Poldark,” we have seen an actor expertly create a character audiences love to hate. In season three, the vengeful, power-hungry, attention-seeking George is still on the scene, but this time around he’s not going about all his business completely unchecked.

At the end of season two – sensing vulnerability and another opportunity to spurn Ross – George married the recently widowed Elizabeth, and moved into Trenwith. While this marriage is seemingly based more so on achieving societal dominance, rather than love, we have learned that George really desires Elizabeth and her approval.

“We have never seen George at the mercy of his heart until now. We see that now he has Elizabeth, and he genuinely needs her,” commented Farthing. “He needs her emotionally, and as his partner in society, and the idea of losing her would be horrific – it is nice to see his dependence. I like that he looks to her. [Elizabeth] is still his social rudder in that she knows how to behave in this social world much better than he does, and he sees that.”

Poldark - Season 3

This week on “Poldark” (Wednesday, June 6 at 9pm ET/6pm PT): While George makes political manoeuvres at home, Ross sails to France to rescue Dwight from the French Revolution.

Farthing has also noted that while George is continuously interested in taking the lead in this marriage, there have come times in which Elizabeth steps to the forefront. To Farthing, this type of character evolution is enjoyable.

“The fun thing about any character is the unexpected,” explained Farthing. “George is set up as someone quite villainous, quite unfeeling and so when you see windows into something else, it is exciting.”

That said, George hasn’t completely done away with his tempestuous moments.
“[George] still has his temper, and resentment bubbling that he can’t really control,” added Farthing. “Although he tries to, he doesn’t completely succeed.”
-Adam Grant

In this “Poldark Insider” video, Jack Farthing, who stars as George Warleggan, gives us insight into his character’s devious ways, story arc and teases what’s in store for season three.

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