Could We One Day See a Third Season of Home Fires?



One of television’s greatest trends to emerge of late is the re-emergence of series that went off the airwaves. Some had a proper finale years ago, and were brought back years later because fans still had an appetite for new episodes. Others, meanwhile, were unceremoniously cancelled by a network, only to be revived by another one shortly thereafter.
As you likely know, the powerful British wartime period drama “Home Fires” was cancelled by ITV after two seasons. Since then, passionate fans have taken to social media – and even an online petition at – in an attempt to bring it back to TV screens.
While nothing is imminent, “Home Fires” Creator Simon Block told the RadioTimes that he is ready to make a third season if one were to be requested by another network: “If somebody said we’d like to make [‘Home Fires’] somewhere else, then that’s what we were planning to do anyway.”

Home Fires - Season 2

VisionTV is ecstatic to present a special encore presentation of “Home Fires” season two! Join us Wednesdays at 10pm ET/7pm PT (through June 27), and take a trip back to Great Paxford.

Added Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson: “We’re talking to everyone,” but, “it’s just initial discussions at this stage.”
Having attracted millions of viewers per episode in the U.K., Block believes that if the show was brought back to life, an audience would certainly be ready and willing to dive back into it.

Home Fires - Season 2

“What’s brilliant about the audience we’ve got is they’re certainly wanting to make their voice felt about how disappointed they are that [‘Home Fires’ has] been cancelled. So on the basis that you could take them somewhere else, and they would follow you to another channel, then of course we’d all be interested in doing that – but whether that’s likely to happen is another question.”
Last month, reported that Block recently turned “Home Fires” into an e-book series. On May 3, publisher Bonnier Zaffre released a “Home Fires” paperback that featured all stories from his aforementioned e-book series.
-Adam Grant

Julie Summers - Home Fires

Back in 2016, “Jambusters” author Julie Summers wrote a series of “Home Fires” blogs in which she provided valuable insight into how life was lived during this tumultuous time of war. Click here to catch up on her writings. You can also view Summers’ extensive works at her official website.

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