Waltons Cast Members Reunite and Reflect in Virginia



Not all television series have the staying power of “The Waltons.” Despite the fact that the show came to a close in 1981, it continues to have a whole lot of fan interest, including a dedicated VisionTV viewership.
On the weekend of June 1-3, The Waltons Hamner House and the Waltons Museum presented ‘The Walton’s Mountain Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Celebration’ in Virginia. The event was designed to “honour Earl & Doris Hamner Sr., Earl Hamner Jr., Ralph Waite, Will Geer, Patricia Neal, Ellen Corby and others.”
Cast members Michael Learned (Olivia Walton), Judy Norton (Mary Ellen Walton), as well as Martha Nix (Serena Burton), turned out for the occasion to reflect and interact with fans.
“It’s so beautiful… we always like getting together,” said Learned in a chat with ABC News affiliate, WSET. “We’re really fond of each other, and you know, it’s a family reunion every time we get together.”
“[‘The Waltons’ are] my family, so it gave me this amazing second family,” added Norton regarding her time on the series.

Elizabeth - The Waltons

The Waltons” can be seen Weekdays at 5pm ET/2pm PT on VisionTV!

Continued Nix: “I’d had a family before on ‘Days of Our Lives.’ This was my new family, and really in Hollywood, you become family.”
Norton would go on to add that she believes “The Waltons” itself played a role on how the idea of family became viewed by others.
“[The show] gave a boost to family and unity, and family values, and the core and the heart of what a family’s about.”
Of course, what has allowed “The Waltons” family dynamic – on-screen and off – to continue thriving is that aforementioned dedicated fan base.
“[Fans] felt like they were living it while they were watching the show,” noted Learned. “That always makes me feel good.”
-Adam Grant
-Main image by: Valencia E. Jones/WSET

The Waltons” can be seen Weekdays at 5pm ET/2pm PT on VisionTV!

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