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Angela Lansbury made famous the former high school English teacher and famed mystery writer, Jessica Beatrice (J.B.) Fletcher from 1984-1996.  Living in small town Cabot Cove on the coast of Maine, Jessica had an inexhaustible list of friends and relatives scattered around the country and for 12 seasons the widowed Mrs. Fletcher’s penchant for solving crimes led her into some strange and surprising situations.

Over its twelve year run Murder, She Wrote received numerous award nominations. Angela Lansbury herself holds the record for the most Emmy nominations for outstanding lead actress in a drama series with twelve, one for each season. Murder, She Wrote has been syndicated in over 40 countries.


Wednesday, Feb. 25 | The Classic Murder
After a tycoon disappears, a psychic divines that he has been murdered, and she is then also found dead. Guest stars: John Rubenstein, Louise Latham.

Thursday, Feb. 26 | The Sound of Murder
Jessica uses her knowledge of music to investigate the murder of the owner of the record company that is producing one of her mysteries on tape. Guest stars: Richard Beymer and Alexia Robinson.

Friday, Feb. 27 | Final Curtain
The personal manager of a ‘resting’ actor dies just as his client returns to the stage. Guest stars: Bradford Dillman, Julie Adams.

Monday, Mar. 2 | Double Jeopardy
The confessional turns into the site of the last rites as an estranged father seeks absolution from his priest son. Guest star: Rosanna DeSoto.

Tuesday, Mar. 3 | Dead Eye
Jessica wonders if the disappearance of a private eye in 1963 and Kennedy assassination in the same year are connected. Guest stars: Wayne Rogers, Ben Masters.

Wednesday, Mar. 4 | Killer Radio
The prospective owner of a radio station in the prairies is killed before the sale goes through. Guest stars: Harry Guardino, Lindsay Crouse and Stephen Caffrey.

Thursday, Mar. 5 | The Petrified Florist
Jessica wonders if a Beverly Hills florist was killed because he was supplying more than flowers for gossip magazine editors. Guest stars: Penny Fuller, Gregory Sierra.

Friday, Mar. 6 | Threshold of Fear
Desk manager Richie enlists Jessica’s help when a reclusive young woman living in the apartment complex begins to see on television the man she believes killed her mother. Guest stars: Margot Kidder, David Soul, Herbert Edelman.

Monday, Mar. 9 | The Big Kill
The town is concerned when a local fisherman dies, but concern turns to confusion when a second body is discovered aboard a fishing boat. Guest stars: Hope Lange, Lyle Waggoner.

Tuesday, Mar. 10 | Dead to Rights
Jessica’s former researcher, a pathological liar, comes to Jessica with a story she has a hard time believing. Guest stars: Richard Libertini, Evelyn Keyes.

Wednesday, Mar. 11 | Lone Witness
A delivery boy says he was only a witness when he is found kneeling beside a murder victim. Guest stars: Laurence Luckinbill, Sheila MacRae.

Thursday, Mar. 12 | Ship of Thieves
A pleasant cruise is ruined by the discovery that there are thieves — and possibly murder — on board.

Friday, Mar. 13 | The Survivor
Jessica’s computer tech becomes an inadvertent target when she dates an undercover cop. Guest stars: Stan Shaw, Wolfgang Bodison.

Monday, Mar. 16 | Love’s Deadly Desire
The death of a novelist’s assistant appears to be a case of mistaken identity. Guest stars: Carroll Baker, Yvonne Suhor, and William Katt.

Tuesday, Mar. 17 | A Death in Hong Kong
A trader working on a merger dies at a Chinese Banquet in Hong Kong. Guest stars: Barrie Ingham, Soon-Teck Oh.

Wednesday, Mar. 18 | For Whom the Ball Tolls
Jessica investigates the murder of one of the parties trying to raze a brownstone where Hemingway once wrote. Guest stars: Hallie Foote, Robert Pine.

Thursday, Mar. 19 | The Legacy of Borbey House
A new Victorian house owner is killed in the manner befitting a vampire — a wooden stake in his chest. Guest stars: David Birney, Roy Dotrice.

Friday, Mar. 20 | The Phantom Killer
A media tycoon may have been killed by a seemingly vacuous literary agent. Guest stars: David Kriegel, Alan Thicke.

Monday, Mar. 23 | A Virtual Murder
Jessica is fascinated by a demo of a VR game based on her book, but while playing it, she thinks she sees a real murder. Guest stars: Kevin Sorbo.

Tuesday, Mar. 24 | Bloodlines
A racehorse trainer is murdered as he is on his way to expose a racing fraud. Guest stars: Tippi Hedren, Mickey Rooney.

Wednesday, Mar. 25 | A Killing in Cork
When a man who is determined to get his family’s business is murdered, his widow’s son is suspected. Guest stars: Cyril O’Reilly, Andrew Robinson.

Thursday, Mar. 26 | Love and Hate in Cabot Cove
There are three suspects in the murder of a crooked deputy: a CPA, an illegal casino owner, and his daughter’s jilted lover. Guest stars: Ron Masak, Carrie Snodgrass.


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