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Angela Lansbury made famous the former high school English teacher and famed mystery writer, Jessica Beatrice (J.B.) Fletcher from 1984-1996.  Living in small town Cabot Cove on the coast of Maine, Jessica had an inexhaustible list of friends and relatives scattered around the country and for 12 seasons the widowed Mrs. Fletcher’s penchant for solving crimes led her into some strange and surprising situations.

Over its twelve year run Murder, She Wrote received numerous award nominations. Angela Lansbury herself holds the record for the most Emmy nominations for outstanding lead actress in a drama series with twelve, one for each season. Murder, She Wrote has been syndicated in over 40 countries.


Monday, Jan. 5 | The Taxman Cometh

Jessica is in Missouri visiting an old classmate who is being audited by the IRS and getting a divorce. To make matters worse, a killing in the area has the heat on her. Guest stars: Roy Thinnes, Kent McCord.

Tuesday, Jan. 6 | From the Horse’s Mouth
Jessica and detective Harry McGraw investigate the murder of a thoroughbred owner whose prize horse has sired two unplanned foals. Guest star: Maxwell Caulfield.

Wednesday, Jan. 7 | The Prodigal Father
Jessica probes the murder of her neighbour’s long-lost father, a suspected bank robber thought to be already dead. Guest stars: Robert Lansing, Larry Wilcox.

Thursday, Jan. 8 | Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?
Insurance investigator Dennis Stanton becomes involved in a murder case while delving into the disappearance of a ventriloquist’s dummy. Guest stars: Marty Ingels, Lyle Waggoner.

Friday, Jan. 9 | Thursday’s Child
A woman seeks Jessica’s help in proving the innocence of her son — whom she claims was fathered by Jessica’s late husband. Guest star: Jennifer Warren.

Monday, Jan. 12 | Murder, Plain and Simple
While traveling with her publisher’s assistant in Amish country, Jessica’s involvement in a traffic mishap leads to her murder. Guest stars: John Ireland, Michael Sarrazin.

Tuesday, Jan. 13 | Tainted Lady
Jessica helps the owner of a small-town diner, who becomes and outcast when she is blamed for three poisoning deaths. Guest stars: Nina Foch.

Wednesday, Jan. 14 | The Skinny According to Nick Culhane
Murder follows when a writer asks Jessica to critique his latest work, an exposé of a real-life kidnapping. Guest stars: Jerry Orbach, Jameson Parker.

Thursday, Jan. 15 | Bit the Big Apple
Jessica heads off to New York, only to learn that a murder recently took place in her apartment complex and that someone desperately wants something inside her apartment. Guest stars: William Windom, Eugene Roch.

Friday, Jan. 16 | Night Fears
Former policeman Wallace Evans, now a professor, challenges Jessica to a race to solve a series of muggings on campus. The muggings soon escalate to murders. Guest stars: Roxie Roker, Alan Oppenheimer.

Monday, Jan. 19 | Unauthorized Obituary
After a sensational biographer writing an exposé on Jessica’s good friend is found dead, suspicions falls on the subject’s husband. Guest stars: Bradford Dillman, Jessica Walter and Barbara Bain.

Tuesday, Jan. 20 | Thicker than Water
When his younger brother Wayne, the family’s black sheep, becomes chief suspect in the murder of his employer, Sherrif Metzger relies on Jessica to help him keep his perspective about the case. Guest stars: Ron Masak, Bruce Abbott and Pat Hingle.

Wednesday, Jan. 21 | Lines of Excellence
Teaching a computer class seems tame, but not when Jessica is one of the students. Guest stars: Conrad Janis, Charles Frank and David Groh.

Thursday, Jan. 22 | Judge Not
The death of a rhythm and blues legend, and subsequent murder of his bass player, reopen the 20-year-old unsolved murder of the musician’s mistress. Guest stars: Olivia Cole, Beah Richards, William Atherton.

Friday, Jan. 23 | Terminal Connection
Evidence points to the battered wife of a powerful businessman as his killer, but Jessica establishes that there is a long list of suspects who wished him dead. Guest stars: Jameson Parker, Steve Forrest.

Monday, Jan. 26 | A Killing in Vegas
Jessica stakes her life on slim odds when she investigates a murder.

Tuesday, Jan. 27 | The Committee
The governing committee of an exclusive men’s club commissions Jessica to identify a rogue member’s killer. Guest stars: Norman Lloyd, John McMartin, Ed Winter.

Wednesday, Jan. 28 | The List of Yuri Lermentov
Chance possession of a secret intelligence document lands Jessica in the centre of an international web of intrigue and murder. Guest stars: Len Cariou, Theodore Bikel and Richard Beymer.

Thursday, Jan. 29 | Danse Diabolique
When a ballerina dies during her premiere performance in a new ballet, Jessica is convinced it is murder. Guest stars: Marisa Berenson, Adrian Paul.

Friday, Jan. 30 | The Witch’s Curse
The people of Cabot Cove put on a play about a 17th century woman who cursed the town before she was executed as a witch. Guest stars: Robert Vaughn, Ed Nelson.



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