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Angela Lansbury made famous the former high school English teacher and famed mystery writer, Jessica Beatrice (J.B.) Fletcher from 1984-1996.  Living in small town Cabot Cove on the coast of Maine, Jessica had an inexhaustible list of friends and relatives scattered around the country and for 12 seasons the widowed Mrs. Fletcher’s penchant for solving crimes led her into some strange and surprising situations.

Over its twelve year run Murder, She Wrote received numerous award nominations. Angela Lansbury herself holds the record for the most Emmy nominations for outstanding lead actress in a drama series with twelve, one for each season. Murder, She Wrote has been syndicated in over 40 countries.


Monday, Sept. 8 | “Magnum on Ice”
In a crossover with Magnum P.I., Jessica’s vacation in Hawaii is spent trying to prove Magnum innocent of two cold-blooded murders. Guest star: Tom Selleck.

Tuesday, Sept. 9 | “Murder in a Minor Key”
Three bright young college graduate students find themselves immersed in plagiarism, intrigue and murder as Jessica narrates her latest novel. Shaun Cassidy, Paul Clemens, Dinah Manoff guest star.

Wednesday, Sept. 10 | “Simon Says Colour Me Dead”
Jessica tries to prove a woman’s innocence in the murder of a famous artist. Tess Harper, Foster Brooks and Diane Baker guest star.

Thursday, Sept. 11 | “The Days Dwindle Down”
Jessica researches a thirty-year-old murder for which an innocent man spent time in prison.  Harry Morgan (M*A*S*H) guest stars.

Friday, Sept. 12 | “Trouble in Eden”
Posing as a recently deceased woman’s sister, Jessica travels to the small town of Eden and discovers it is far from paradise. Guest stars: Joan Caulfield and Tricia O’Neil.

Monday, Sept. 15 | “Harbinger of Death”
Jessica, invited to witness the reappearance of a mysterious comet, finds herself caught up in astronomy and murder. Guest stars: Dean Jones and Steven Ford.

Tuesday, Sept. 16 | “The Fashionable Way to Die”
Jessica visits an old friend in Paris and becomes involved in the investigation of the death of an underworld figure dealing in high fashion. Guest stars: Barbara Rush, Juliet Prowse.

Wednesday, Sept. 17 | “When Thieves Fall Out”
Jessica investigates a twenty-year-old murder which involves her close friends and ex-students. Guests stars: Kenneth McMillan, John Glover.

Thursday, Sept. 18 | “A Very Good Year for Murder”
When murder intrudes on a wealthy vintner’s 75th birthday party, Jessica begins one of the most personally difficult investigations of her career. Guest stars: Eli Wallach, Kristian Alfonso and John Saxon.

Friday, Sept. 19 | “Indian Giver”
The residents in Cabot Cove become concerned when a Native American produces a land grant stating that the town and surrounding land belong to him. Guest stars: Bernie White, Theodore Bikel, Gary Lockwood and Charles Siebert.

Monday, Sept. 22 | “Murder Through the Looking Glass”
Jessica hears the confession of a dying hitman who is connected to a recent murder, which involves her in a highly confidential government plot tied to international intrigue. Guest stars: Karen Valentine and Cliff De Young.

Tuesday, Sept. 23 | “Old Habits Never Die”
Jessica joins forces with her old friend, a Mother Superior, to solve the murder of a nun who harboured a fifteen year old secret. Guests: Jane Powell, Eileen Brennan and Audrey Totter.

Wednesday, Sept. 24 | “If It’s Thursday, I’ll…”
Jessica and Amos investigate the death of his night deputy’s wife and learn he went beyond the call of duty in servicing Cabot Cove’s lonely ladies. Guest stars: Kathryn Grayson, Gloria DeHaven, Ruth Gordon and Dody Goodman.

Thursday, Sept. 25 | “Way to Dusty Death”
Jessica tries to unravel the intrigues and power struggles of the board room when the Chairman of Barnett Industries is murdered. Guest stars: Cornel Wilde, Nancy Dussault, Jenilee Harrison and Richard Jaeckel.

Friday, Sept. 26 | “Witness for the Defense”
Jessica is summoned to Quebec to serve as a witness for the defence of her friend who is charged with murder. Guest stars: Christopher Allport, Claire Trevor, Patrick McGoohan and Juliet Mills.

Monday, Sept. 29 | “Mourning Among the Wisterias”
A famous ailing playwright proposes marriage to Jessica Fletcher and then finds himself charged with the murder of his business manager. Guest stars: Barry Nelson, Lois Nettleton, Rene Auberjonois and Frank Gorshin.

Tuesday, Sept. 30 | “It Runs in the Family”
Emma MacGill is a colourful dance hall performer, and she is also Jessica Fletcher’s cousin who is forced to solve the murder of a wealthy friend.  Guest stars: Richard Johnson, Anthony Newley and Mark Lindsay Chapman.


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