Poldark Cast: It’s Time to Stop Focusing Aidan Turner’s Chest



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As easy as it is to credit the success of “Poldark” to its incredible storylines, splendid performances, eye-popping scenery, period accuracy and fist-clutching cliff hangers, the law of averages would suggest some viewers were also drawn to a certain someone’s brooding good looks.

In the first season of “Poldark,” Aidan Turner went topless and sent fans of the show into a frenzy. Yes, Turner’s physical appearance is one that many men want to have and many women would like to have by their side, but unfortunately that aspect of the series became too much of dominant talking point. Thus, various “Poldark” cast members have spoken out about the matter.

“There are some women who think that men being objectified is some sort of cosmic retribution. I’ve heard: ‘It’s their turn now.’ I don’t think that’s a progressive way of thinking,” commented Heida Reed (Elizabeth) in an interview with the Daily Mail. “As a feminist, I think feminism is about gender equality across the board. We shouldn’t objectify anyone.”

She added: “Of course, there’s an element that’s fun and it can be harmless, but there’s also a serious element.”

When it comes to Turner’s onscreen wife, Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza), she too believes that focus on her co-stars physical features has become a bit much – especially considering what it takes attention away from.

“I think Aidan, bless him, is getting a bit fed up with it,” said Tomlinson with a laugh while in discussion with the Telegraph. “‘Poldark’ is about so much more than that one thing. And although of course it’s dream publicity for the show and it certainly grabbed people’s attention, [we] didn’t want it to be known just for that. I mean, Aidan’s a beautiful man – absolutely gorgeous – but I think he would like to be recognized for his performance, and I would like to stop being asked about his chest.’”

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When speaking with Vogue, Turner chimed in on the scene that created this arguably annoying attention: “When you’re playing the character, you don’t think, ‘I look really hot in this scene. If I was wearing a shirt in the middle of the summer doing that kind of manual work, that for me would have been odd. It was quite truthful and real for me, that’s the funny thing.”

What about the weird Twitter accounts (@PoldarkPecs and @PoldarksHair) that have been launched in Turner’s honour?

Relayed the actor: “The whole thing is a bit preposterous, it is kind of nuts, you know?”

Continued Turner: “We were all taken aback a bit by [the show’s] success. It’s a strange experience to have that happen. I live in Dublin, so I do keep out of the whole buzz.”

This week on Poldark (February 1 at 9pm ET/6pm PT): Needing money to open a mine free of George’s influence, Ross strikes a deal with a local smuggler. Dwight, meanwhile, tries to diagnoses an epidemic and receives help from an anonymous benefactor.

-Adam Grant

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