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Julian Fellowes

There is a certain time in life when adult children are called back home to tend to their parents’ affairs. Sometimes this happens due to a tragedy, while on other occasions such returns have more to do with the need for a helping hand. In beloved British series “Monarch of the Glen,” London restaurateur Archie MacDonald (Alastair Mackenzie) is summoned home to be “the new laird of a huge, decaying family estate” in the Scottish Highlands.

However, when thrust into a position of such responsibility, hiccups for Archie do occur – especially when his eccentric parents remain on the scene. Seeing how Archie navigates through his new reality, and relationships, is well worth the adventure.

Monarch of the Glen

Monarch of the Glen” can be seen Wednesdays at 9pm ET/6pm PT on VisionTV, beginning September 20!

Arguably, the most famous individual to emerge from “Monarch of the Glen,” is “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes. From 2000-2005, Fellowes starred in the recurring role of Kilwillie. In all, he appeared in 24 episodes over the course of six seasons.

“I was beta-plus successful,” Fellowes told the Huffington Post when asked if was a good actor. “I was a running character in a very popular series called ‘Monarch of the Glen,’ I was in a Bond movie, I was in a movie with Catherine Deneuve. I had a lucky break in ‘For the Greater Good,’ a mini-series for Danny Boyle. It wasn’t bad, but life decided otherwise.”

Although Fellowes’ acting resume isn’t nearly as celebrated as his writing one, Downton’s visionary does believe that his time in front of the camera helped make him a better screenwriter.

Julian Fellowes - Monarch of the Glen

“I think that when you are an actor, you develop a good instinct for what is say-able and what is not say-able,” relayed Fellowes. “When an actor has a problem with a speech, their solution may not be the right solution, but they are almost always right that there is a problem.”

Fellowes can be seen in four, season one episodes of “Monarch of the Glen.” We hope you’ll tune in and catch a glimpse of him for yourself!

-Adam Grant
-Main Photo by: Paul Grover

Monarch of the Glen” can be seen Wednesdays at 9pm ET/6pm PT on VisionTV, beginning September 20!

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