Catching Up with June Whitfield of Absolutely Fabulous



For about 70 years, British actress June Whitfield entertained audiences through a broad selection of film and television series. With roles in VisionTV series like “Absolutely Fabulous,” “EastEnders,” “Last of the Summer Wine” and “Boomers,” Whitfield’s career was a fruitful one.

Now at the age of 92, Whitfield has stepped away from acting and is adjusting to life in a care home filled with some new fast friends.

During an interview with the Mirror, Whitfield shed some light on what life is like for her now.

“I lived on my own in a big house for 10 years,” said Whitfield, who was widowed 16 years ago. “Now I have friends where I live and I like it. They’re fun. I don’t have to worry about things like the roof or the plumber anymore.”

June Whitfield

She continued: “I don’t have a particular routine. I just do very little. I have my massage once a week. I’m not as mobile as I’d like to be, but otherwise I’m fine.”

In 2016, Whitfield made her final acting appearance in 2016’s “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.”

“I’ve [acted] for 70 odd years,” added Whitfield. “If I could, I still would.”

While she may no longer be participating in the craft she loves, Whitfield was honoured at the end of 2017 when she received a lifetime achievement award at the Television and Radio Industry Club’s Christmas Lunch.

“I’m absolutely amazed,” offered Whitfield regarding the award. “I wasn’t expecting it. I was just coming for lunch.”

-Adam Grant

June Whitfield

“Absolutely Fabulous,” “EastEnders,” “Last of the Summer Wine” and “Boomers,” can be seen regularly on VisionTV. Click here to visit our British series webpage for more information.

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